Simbi Natural - Rwanda Filter
Strawberry, Mango, Maple Syrup

€59,60 / kg

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This coffee comes from the Huye region in Rwanda, Africa. Simbi is an unusual, natural bourbon from Rwanda. We taste fruity notes of strawberries and mango, paired with a pleasant sweetness that reminds us of Canadian maple syrup.

This coffee is a special one that you get to see in two different lights, as we roasted the lot from the Simbi Washing Station in Rwanda as both a filter and an espresso roast. Try them both!

At 19grams we've been working with the Simbi Washing Station for many years. It was founded in 2013 by Abdul Rudahunga, enabling farmers in the vicinity of the Huye region to process their coffee. Almost 1,500 small farms deliver their coffee to the Simbi Station, which employs around 80 people during the main harvest season. There is space for 300 tonnes of coffee cherries, which are processed with the help of different methods. From fully washed beans to sun-dried natural coffee cherries, anything is possible.
Thanks to its experimental and careful processing, the Simbi Station produces coffees with exceptional quality. Simbi's coffees have been nominated for the Cup of Excellence several times.

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