Endless Summer Espresso
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    Alajuela, Grecia, Central Valley - COSTA RICA

    Milk Chocolate, Sugar Cane, Melon
    Brewing Method
    Fully automatic coffee machine
    Catuai, Caturra
    1300 masl
    Farmer name
    Diego Guardìa
    Farm name
    Hacienda Sonora
    Farm size
    80 hectares
    Age of farm
    50 years
    Producer type
    Family Business
    Harvest year
    Harvest time
    January to April
    Soil type
    vulcanic soils
    Shade type
    Shade Grown
    Other varieties planted on farm
    Caturra, Catuaí amarillo, Catuaí rojo, Bourbon rojo, Elle Nueve
    Length of relationship
    several years
    About this coffee

    365 days of summer. That is possible, and no, you don’t have to travel to Costa Rica for it. All you have to do is to drink coffee from there. Our Endless summer keeps its promises and arrives with warm notes of milk chocolate, traces of melon and sweet cane sugar in your cup.
    The green coffee beans are from West Valley, one of the most favored coffee regions in Costa Rica. That alone is really amazing but the best thing is that the farms' approach is incredible sustainable. We at 19grams focus on better payment for the farmers and more sustainable farming but some of our coffees reach even further - like our Endless Summer.

    The Endless Summer is a coffee from Hacienda Sonora. A farm, that we have been working with for more than 10 years. We love working with the Guardìa family because their approach to coffee is the same as ours: making great coffees even better.

    Since Diego Guardìa is in charge of Hacienda Sonora, they started to experiment on varietals and new processing methods. They work hard on bringing the best out of every bean and to pick the right processing method for every lot of coffee. This does not only lead to a better quality of the beans but also to a better price on the coffee market.

    Another very important aspect is the traceability of the beans back to the farmers. So you can still be sure that the coffee you are holding in your hands was harvested in Alajuela, Grecia, although you are drinking it at the other side of the world.
    Our bags are filled with washed processed beans of the two varieties Catuaì and Caturra. Summer feeling, now on winter days.