Finca Chocan Peru Espresso
Finca Chocan - Juan Quevedo
Finca Chocan, Mitglied des Programa Familia
Pflaume, Weiße Schokolade, Macadamia

€59,60 / kg

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A flavorful, round, very balanced, fruity-chocolaty and delicate espresso.

About the coffee

The beans of Finca Chocan coffee come from the Cajamarca region, located in the north of the Andean country, and bordering Ecuador. Our beans grow at 1750m (mNHN), which consist of the variety Bourbon and come from the Finca El Chocan. 

Within 12 hours after harvesting, the beans are freed from the pulp with the help of a pulper, then washed and fermented with fresh spring water. In the next step, the beans are spread out in the sun, where they are, once again, checked and sorted out, and then dried for about 2 weeks.

About the farm

The finca and its owner Miguel Chocan are members of Programa Familia. An agricultural extension program in Peru with the mission of promoting the self-determined work and development of small coffee producers. Since 2003, the initiative has been advising and supporting farmers like Miguel on color management, resource management, and sustainable farming practices. It is also a network of many small farmers in the region. Small farms are to be strengthened, self-determined, and sustainable to be able to exist on the world market with their coffees.

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