Coffee Dose and Water

For the coffee dose we recommend using 60 to 70 grams of coffee on a medium to fine grind setting.

Use 1 liter of filtered water at approximately 95°.


Brewing Method

Distribute the freshly ground coffee on the bottom of the French Press. Then pour the  filtered water on top of the coffee grounds, pouring fast and evenly. Stir briefly to mix the coffee grounds making sure they are evenly wet, then let your brew steep for around 4 minutes. Increasing this brew time will increase the extraction and may cause your coffee to be over extracted and bitter.

After 4 minutes place the lid with the sieve onto the pot and press the sieve down slowly. For better results pour all the brewed coffee into coffee cups or a serving vessel, so you stop the extraction and the coffee doesn't become bitter and over extracted.

The French Press is super practical in preparation, as it is easy to clean, does not require any additional filter papers and allows for a very full and nuanced taste of filter coffee for up to four people to enjoy. 

The perfect coffees for your French Press