Home Office Coffee Set
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    Home Office Coffee Set
    Brewing Method
    Filter Coffee

    Our Home Office Coffee Set includes 2 of our most popular filter coffees, a V60 coffee dripper and of course, matching filter papers.

    Make your home office more beautiful with our Home Office Coffee Set so that you can brew fresh and tasty 19grams filter coffee all day long.

    Our Home Office coffee set comes with:

    1 x 250g Peru - Juan Quevedo
    We have roasted this coffee for filter to showcase its chocolaty and fruity notes of plums, sweet macadamia nuts and white chocolate.

    1 x 250g Guatemala - T’zun-Wit’z Paraiso
    This coffee is captivating with its creamy full body and a fruity sweetness, which reminds us of raspberries and apples. With a caramel finish, this filter coffee becomes a special taste experience.

    1 x Hario V60 Coffee Dripper size 2 made from light and heat-resistant plastic
    This filter dripper is sturdy and with its innovative design guarantees uniform extraction. Due to the thin plastic walls, very little heat is extracted from the coffee compared to ceramic drippers so that the coffee cools down more slowly. The capacity of the filter holder is sufficient for one to four cups of bloody good coffee.

    1 x Hario V60 Filter Papers 100 pcs., size 2
    The Hario V60 paper filters are the perfect match for the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper size 2. The Hario V60 Filter Papers have particularly fine pores that ensure a tasteful filter coffee.

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