It's on everyone's lips: Specialty Coffee. Hipsters in Berlin talk about aromas, Hario and goose neck pot. But what does that actually mean? Taste profile, where do the flavours come from and what's the best way to get started? At 19grams, we are experts in speciality coffee, direct trade with farmers and transparency. With us, you know exactly where every bean comes from.  Come, let's discover speciality coffee!

Start slowly

DISCOVER!  We at 19grams follow the 3rd coffee wave and are especially proud to present you only coffees that have been traded directly, fairly and sustainably. We have some partners with whom we have been working for many years. The Guardia family from Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica is our longest partner - every year we have great varieties from this farm that is 100% green energy. But we also discover new varieties every year from different farms around the coffee belt. If you don't yet have a country you particularly like coffee from and want to try it out first, start with the Espresso Testbox. Here, we've put together 5 varieties from 5 different countries that offer the perfect introduction to the world of Specialty Coffee with a classic roast. From left to right, the varieties get a little more complex. Coffee #5 is the Espresso of the Month, one of our lighter roasted specialty coffees that develops more acidity in the cup. Perfect for discovering more exceptional varieties of 19grams from here!
Discover the Testbox

Discover the Testbox

Unlock Specialty Coffee! The Espresso Testbox contains 5 espresso varieties that increase from left to right. You start with classic roasts and work your way through 5 exciting coffee countries that show you the variety of Specialty Coffee in the cup with different flavour profiles.

Discover the Testbox

  • Italo Disco - Espresso

  • Endless Summer - Costa Rica

  • Little Flower - India

  • Orang Utan - Sumatra

  • Espresso of the month

With this espresso, you can bring the taste of your last Italian holiday home. This Arabica bean comes across clear and subtle with a powerful punch of dark chocolate.

The Endless Summer Espresso comes from Costa Rica. Darker roasted, it is optimally suited for preparation in a fully automatic machine. In the cup, it develops warm and strong cocoa nuances.

This coffee from India is particularly gently roasted and therefore very low in acidity. Nevertheless, it has a strong, full body.

Our Orang Utan Espresso with flavours of hazelnut and chocolate comes from an environmental project to preserve the rainforest in Sumatra. Nutty with a strong body.

Every month, our roasters select a new espresso for you that stands out due to its special characteristics. Be curious about the world of specialty coffees!

Espresso Testbox
Espresso Testbox

What is specialty Coffee?

According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), coffee that scores 80 points or more on a 100-point scale is classified as a specialty. The CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) works hand in hand with the SCA.

The requirement to reach 80 points is always assessed according to taste quality. The better it tastes, the better the score. Coffee with a score of 80 has no flavour defects (defect free, gummy, medicinal, ashy) and must be sweet. At 19grams, we deal exclusively in Specialty Coffee and want to help you understand coffee better.