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Sensory Training

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Discover how we taste, the essence behind our sensory experience through the way we taste. Have you ever wanted to enhance your experience of the world you live in through more than just your visual sensory experience?

 2.5 h
 2-10 people
 English (German upon request, only for multi-people booking)
 19grams Alex, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13, 10178 Berlin

    19grams Sensorik Training
    19grams Sensorik Training
    19grams Sensorik Training

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    Discover how we taste, the essence behind our sensory experience through the way we taste. Have you ever wanted to enhance your experience of the world you live in through more than just your visual sensory experience?

    This course will allow you to explore how you experience the world through your taste buds and your ability to smell.

    The course is a combination of interactive exercises around evaluating what coffee tastes like, the tastes of everyday foods and discussing what they mean, how they taste, how you use your language to describe how you perceive food and drink through your senses.

    By the end of this course you will be able to assess the quality of your coffee preparation as well as the quality of the coffee you are working with, discuss flavour notes within coffee. You will also have expanded your vocabulary to describe how everything tastes!


    Konkret werden wir die folgenden Themen behandeln:

    - Introduction to the 5 basic perceptible flavours.
    - Tasting of different fruits to sharpen the senses of flavour
    - Assess the different flavours and how they relate to coffee tasting
    - Recognise familiar flavours found in coffee.
    - Taste flavours with the limit senses available.
    - Understand the difference between different quality levels of coffee.
    - Professional coffee tasting (cupping) at the end of the course

    Meet the Trainers

    Visit us for a coffee training in our Roastery & Lab at Berlin Alexanderplatz. We offer courses for different topics. You can find all trainings in our Collection. These are our trainers.

    Dimitar - Head of Training bei 19grams

    Dimitar joined us at 19grams in the fall of 2022 as Head of Trainings. He has worked in the Specialty Coffee scene in Manchester for over 7 years, giving training to the business clients among others. So with Dimi, you'll not only have the chance to look inside the professional operations of a coffee shop, but you'll also learn the real tricks of making a coffee professionally. Learn more about Dimi in the 19grams Blog.


    Philipp has been a trainer at 19grams since spring 2022 and takes special care of our workshops in German. He has been working professionally in specialty coffee as a barista, roaster, trainer or consultant for 6 years - but as a real coffee geek much longer. In the workshops he shares his knowledge with you.


    John has been part of our team of trainers since winter 2022/23: John has been with 19grams for several years, first as a barista, then as store manager of our café in Schlesisichen Strasse.
    John comes from Australia and discovered his love for specialty coffee in Berlin. He will support Head Trainer Dimitar especially in the barista course and the latte art course.


    Which course is perfect to start with?

    The best way to start is with the Barista course, where we deal with the basics of espresso and learn what makes a really good espresso. To expand on the knowledge gained in the Barista course, we recommend the Latte Art course.

    You want to give a training as a gift?

    We also have a voucher that you can book online and then redeem for the training of your choice.

    You will also receive a PDF via email after completing the purchase, which you can fill out for the recipient.

    Are you looking for a training for a group or a team event that exceeds the number of participants for one course?

    Send our trainers an email directly to - we will find the right event for you and your team.

    How can I rebook a workshop?

    Please send a short email with all the information to our trainers, they will help you to rebook.

    Do I get a certificate at the end?

    Yes, we will provide you with a certificate that you have successfully participated in the training.

    How do I redeem a voucher for a training?

    Go to the training you want to take and select an available date. Now go to the checkout. You will have a code on your voucher - you will need to enter this in the discount code field of the checkout. Please make sure you don't complete your order without entering the code, as we can't apply it afterwards. If you have any questions, please contact our trainers or the 19grams support team directly.

    How long is a voucher valid for?

    A voucher is valid for two years after the date of purchase, this is also stated on your voucher.

    Is there a certificate after I have done the workshop?

    Yes, we issue a certificate after successful completion of the training, which confirms your participation.

    Do you have further questions about the contents?

    You can always contact our trainers directly at


    Folgendes Equipment verwenden wir in diesem Workshop:

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    Bloody Good Coffee

    – SEIT 2002

    Cupping mit Berliner Speisemeisterei

    Bloody Good Learning

    Du möchtest ein besserer Home-Barista werden? Ein fundiertes Verständnis von Kaffee, sowohl in praktischer als auch in sensorischer Hinsicht sorgen für die nötige Grundlage für bloody good coffee auch zuhause. 
    Die Barista-Schulungen und -workshops von 19grams wurden sorgfältig auf die spezifischen Bedürfnisse abgestimmt.

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