RARE Coffee Club

€70,00 / kg

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Shipping on the 15th of each month

Are you looking for rare and unusual coffees in your cup? Only rare, unusual beans with exciting processing methods make it into our Rockstar Subscription* - the rockstars among coffees!

Every month, our roasting team selects micro-lots that are roasted exclusively for our Rockstar Subscription and often don't even make it onto the shelf. The coffees are roasted exclusively for filter preparation.

So if you want to try the very rare varieties, processing methods and particularly complex flavor profiles, this subscription is for you.

September Set - Cup quality and the size of the bean!

In September, we look at the relationship of the size of the bean, to the cup quality. Which coffee is more complex?

Coffee #1 comes from El Salvador - the beans of the Pacamara variety from the Los Tres Potros farm, which was also awarded the Cup of Excellence is particularly large. In some countries, large coffee beans are considered to have better cup qualities. Is this the case with this excellent bean?

Coffee #2 from Ethiopia is a naturally grown Heirloom variety. The Heirloom variety often includes the various Geisha, Typica and Bourbon varieties. All outstanding, well-balanced flavor profiles. However, the beans are quite small - how does this affect cup quality?

October Set - Processing methods for Geisha coffees.

In October, we get a Geisha variety from Colombia, from La Terraza farm. The same variety processed in two different ways: Discover the different flavor profiles that one processing method forms in a coffee:

Coffee #1 La Terraza Geisha Washed - Colombia.

Coffee #2 La Terraza Geisha Honey - Colombia

November Set - 777 Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation by Don Martin from Costa Rica

Coffee #1 Don Martin Catuaí - Anaerobic Natural 777

Coffee #2 Don Martin H-17 Anaerobic Natural 777

December Set

Let us surprise you - Headroaster Anthony is still in talks with our partners in the Origins to bring you the best coffees in your cup. As soon as we know which lot it will be, you'll get the first info here. As always, we'll send you details in the kit on the coffee card.

Shipping will be monthly around the 15th.

*The minimum term of this subscription is 3 months.

Bloody Good Filter

Kaffee ist eine Frucht mit vielen natürlichen Fruchtsäuren. Wir rösten unsere Kaffees, um diese Säuren herauszustellen, aber auch die Süße hervorzuheben. Wenn unsere Röster ein Geschmacksprofil für einen Filterkaffee entwickeln, wird diese vor allem eine etwas niedrigere Temperatur als bei unseren Espresso-Röstungen. In unseren Kaffees bringen wir das natürliche Geschmacksprofil der jeweiligen Varietät, aber auch das Terroir ihrer Origin zur Geltung. Um süße Töne zu betonen, achten wir beim Rösten besonders auf die Karamellisierung. Ein heikler Moment: Zu viel Karamellisierung kann die Komplexität des Kaffees abflachen.Mit unseren Filterröstungen zielen wir darauf ab, süße Töne und helle fruchtige Aromen zu betonen. Mit einer teeähnlichen Textur und einem samtiges Mundgefühl.

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