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Third Wave Water

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    Frustrated that your hard water is making your brews taste flat? Third Wave Water is the solution to all of your brewing water woes. Dump a sachet into the recommended amount of distilled water, shake, and you're ready to brew up some flawless coffee.

    The Classic Profile is the most versatile formula of the Third Wave Water lineup, and was designed to meet the former SCAA water requirements of 10mg sodium chloride, ~40TDS/kH alkalinity, and 150 TDS (total dissolved solids).

    It's best suited for brewing filter coffees: pour over, batch brewers, and cold brew.

    All minerals are of permanent hardness, which helps to protect your equipment from limescale. 

    - Total of 10 packets, with 20 sachets per packet
    - Each sachet makes 2 litres = 40 litres per packet.
    - Weight = 1 lb/0.45 kg
    - Size = 9.5x3x3.5"


    Freshly roasted, packed and shipped safely to you by DHL.


    Our standard bags contain 250g and are 100% recyclable. No mixed materials.

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