Professional Filter Brewing Training

This course focuses on the different variables to consider when brewing filter coffee. We will work through the differences you would experience at home and learn how to brew to perfection.

About this experience

Filter coffee is back! Only with filter coffee you can tease out the collected and fine flavours from the coffee. In this course we dedicate ourselves to the different brewing methods and accessories, such as V60, Kalita, Aeropress, Chemex and others. We also take care of machine brewing and show the different types of machines. How do I get the best result from the coffee and what do I need to pay attention to. In this course you will learn all about suitable coffees, the right grind, the right paper for the filter and the best way to serve your coffee. You will learn everything about which preparation method suits which coffee and the role of constant testing and tasting.

Feel free to bring your own filter brewing equipment a long with you to learn how to best make it work for you!

Topics we cover:
- Different types of brew methods
- Extraction and strength
- Brewing with different parameters
- Tasting and evaluating brewed coffee

Now that you understand brewing filter coffees our Sensory courses will be perfect for you to get to know the "world of coffee" through tasting it.

Duration: 2.5h
Participation: 2 - 6 people
Skills required: None
Language: English or German

Your Host

Host image

Trainer Joel has been working in Specialty Coffee since 12 years, 5 of those as a Trainer. He will dive into the world of Specialty Coffee with you and share his knowledge. Learn everything about the art of Latte Art and the perfect foam technique.

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