Hario V60 Plastic Filter


The Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Filter is especially popular with Specialty Coffee Pros, because it ensures the consistent temperature when pouring the coffee and thus a more uniform extraction of the ground coffee.Unlike ceramic, glass or especially metal, the plastic is almost non-conductive and keeps the temperature of the water better. The Hario V60 Hand Filter in size 2 is designed for 2 - 4 cups of coffee.

The conical shape looks great and lets your coffee develop its full aroma optimally. The Hario Hand Filter is virtually a further development of the Melitta filter. V60 stands for the exact 60° angle of inclination, so that the water can flow at the right pace. In order to continue to positively direct the hydrodynamic movements of the water, wave-shaped grooves are embedded on the inside of the filter.

The hole located on the lower side is larger than in conventional coffee filters and prevents the backwater of water, so that your coffee over-extracts.

The Hario filter is made of high quality plastic and ensures the uniform extraction of your high-quality Specialty Coffee.