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Looking for a Christmas gift that will bring special joy? We'll make your coffee cups glow with these coffees! Discover the best lots, great coffee equipment to try new things and the best sets with the most exciting coffees! You'll find all this and much more here in our Christmas Selection!
Rockstar Kalender

The Rockstar Coffees

Four very rare lots for exceptional coffee enjoyment.

The Rockstar Coffee Calendar is the ideal gift for coffee lovers who want to try four of the rarest and best coffees in the world.

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Rare and special Lots

On the one hand, we work with long-standing partners and attach great importance to sourcing coffees that you love again and again. On the other hand, we want to show you the facets of Specialty Coffee in the special lots we buy: Here you'll find Cup of Excellence award-winning coffees, as well as varieties that are rare. For example, you'll find this rare variety in our Geisha range - each of these lots comes from particularly careful cultivation from different farms. Super exciting to discover and the gift if you're looking for something out of the ordinary for a coffee enthusiast.
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Rockstar Kalender

Mulled wine was yesterday!

This year's Christmas Coffee is the Caturra variety grown at Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica. Roasted for espresso, this lot from Costa Rica perfectly combines fruity notes of cherries and oranges with a full round body, a sweet caramel note and a creamy, chocolatey aftertaste. Mulled wine was yesterday! Learn more about Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica - one of our first partners: The farm is run by Diego Guardia and is 100% powered by green energy.
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