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Winter Coffee

Caramel, Red Grape, Milk chocolate
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    Cultivated with love by great farmers. 100% Arabica coffee, harvested when ripe and carefully processed. Sustainable and fairly traded.


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    The coffee cherry can develop up to 1,200 different natural flavours. Depending on location and variety. Learn to understand the flavours in coffee with the Scoring Card. Grade your coffee by filling out your Scoring Card.

    All about the Set

    It will get you through the cold season!

    The Caturra variety from Costa Rica perfectly combines fruity notes of red grapes and milk chocolate with a full, round body, a sweet caramel note and a creamy, chocolaty aftertaste. Winter Coffee is available as a filter or espresso roast and only for a short time!

    Optionally with selected chocolate from Omnom.



    Omnom winter edition with three varieties - for purists and creative people

    Omnom is one Bean To Bar factory in Reykjavik Iceland specializing in the finest quality chocolates. Add to that the remarkable design by Icelandic artist Jorinde Jankowski @jorindejankowski, capturing Icelandic tradition. Included in the winter edition are the three flavors "Spiced White + Caramel", "Milk + Cookies" & "Dark Nibs + Raspberry".

    Sets will ship starting November 15th.

    Omnom Chocolate

    Omnom is a bean-to-bar chocolate company based in Reykjavík, Iceland, founded in 2013 by Kjartan Gíslason and Óskar Pórdarson. Omnom began as an experiment, with a desire to understand chocolate from the ground up. As a chef, Kjartan was already familiar with single-origin chocolate. He began experimenting with flavours and textures. Encouraged by positive feedback, he teamed up with his childhood friend Óskar and in a short time they set up a small production facility in a converted petrol station in Reykjavík. Together they bring the best cocoa beans from all over the world to Iceland and process them into wonderful chocolates using many regional ingredients and with the help of renewable energy.

    Milk Chocolate - 2 large biscuits on oats and almond, spiced with ginger, cinnamon, orange zest and a pinch of Icelandic sea salt on a bar of milk chocolate. Cocoa origin: Blend, soy-free and fair trade.


    Raspberry & Nibs Dark chocolate - richly sprinkled with dried raspberry pieces and cocoa nibs. Gives energy and warmth on cold nights. Cocoa Origin: Madagascar, Vegan, Soy free and fair trade. Spiced White & Caramel White chocolate - spiced with orange peel, cinnamon and malt for a deep, comforting taste. Topped with crunchy salted caramel. Cocoa origin: Blend, soy-free and fair trade. Milk & Cookies

    Bloody Good Coffee

    – SINCE 2002

    To the Coffee

    Caramel, Red Grape, Milk chocolate

    Score: 89
    Acidity: mild

    Variety: Caturra
    Processing: Natural
    Harvesting Year: 2022
    Drying Time: 15 days

    Suggested brew recipe:
    1:2 - 19gr coffee grounds for 40gr espresso in about 35 seconds

    About the Coffee

    The Caturra variety is processed naturally. This means that after harvesting, the ripe cherries are spread out on a terrace together with the pulp and dried by the sun before the skin is removed. This allows the cherry to absorb the full flavour and sweetness of the fruit. Caturra convinces with fruity, smooth and full-bodied characteristics. As you enjoy the espresso, a balanced fruity sweetness crystallises with notes of cherries, caramel, oranges and exotic dried fruits that make you forget the cold weather and warm your body from the inside out. The chocolaty aftertaste ensures that you get the perfect Christmas feeling in the finish.

    Map Sonora Costa rica

    About the farm

    Hacienda Sonora is 100% green energy supplied.

    for several years
    Diego Guardia
    Type of Farm:
    family-run farm

    Region, Country: Central Valley, CR
    1.400 m.a.s.l
    Soil type: volcanic soils
    Fertilisation method: Organic
    Shadow Type: grown in the shade
    Processing location:
    on the farm
    Number of varieties: viele verschiedene
    Harvest season:
    Oct - Feb

    More about the farm

    Alberto Guardìa has been growing coffee for over 50 years. His family farm - with the resonant name Hacienda Sonora, is located on the fertile foothills of the famous Poas Volcano in the West Valley, Costa Rica. It is largely surrounded by pristine virgin forest. The preservation of the rainforest is very important to the Guardìa family. Therefore, they simply let it grow and in it their coffee plants. The coffee trees ripen excellently under the protective roof of the shady trees: they receive enough moisture to develop optimally. As a source of energy for the entire finca, a Pelton turbine is used, which is driven by the water power of a stream. This raging, beautiful body of water supplies the entire finca with '100% Green Energy'. We have known the Guardìas for several years now and are happy to have met such an exceptional family that grows unique coffees every year with understanding and love for nature.

    Espresso läuft durch Siebträger in 19grams Tasse

    Bloody Good Espresso

    Coffee is a fruit with many natural fruit acids. We roast our espressos to develop fine acid lines, but also to bring out the sweetness. With our espresso roasts, we present the intense flavour profiles of different coffee origins. Discover our Single Origin Espressos - all 100% Arabica coffees, carefully selected and gently roasted by our roasting team.

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