The Advent Calendar 2023

Collection: The Advent Calendar 2023

Designed to be delicious!

These are the 19grams coffee advent calendars. Choose the perfect variant for your Advent from various options: a journey through 24 different coffee countries, 4 Rockstar coffees or 4 project coffees for your Advent Sundays. Capsule fans will also get their money's worth!

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4 products


4 products

Pre-order phase

From 1 September you can pre-order the 19grams coffee advent calendar. All calendars are shipped from 1 November, so yours will be freshly roasted and with you in time for 1 December.

The most delicious Advent EVER is just a few clicks away!

Filter Roast

The filter roast is roasted slightly lighter and is thus ideally suited for preparation with all hand filters and automatic filter machines, including the Aeropress, Chemex, Kalita or Melitta filters and Hario and Origami filters.

Espresso Roast

Espresso roasting is ideal for all preparation methods that have a short contact time between water and coffee: Bialetti, Aeropress espresso, portafilter and Nanopresso.
To Espresso Roast

Deine Rockstars im Advent!

Vier ultimativ herausragende Kaffees kommen im Dezember in deine Tasse: Der Rockstar Kalender kommt mit dem Los Azacuanes Geisha, 4Llamas Geisha, Don Martin H17 und Sonora Geisha. Nur als Filterröstung!