Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus dem 19grams Lab - die Teströstung!

€25,00 / kg

With kind regards from our lab!

To make sure our coffees taste bloody good when you get them in your cup, we carefully test every roast before it hits the shelves. We also love to experiment. To make sure each bean is still used to its full potential, they now go into the test roast. This contains not perfect, but bloody good roasts of various new varieties, single origin or blends. The optimal roast for filters, espresso, at home or in the office!

The test roast is perfect for those who love surprises and like to experiment themselves.

Please note that the beans in our test roast vary. Feel free to contact us at info@19grams.coffee if you need help adjusting your recipe.


If you look at the location of the coffee-growing regions, they extend as a broad coffee belt around the equator. Harvest times in these areas are based on the position of the sun and move from north to south throughout the year. In coffee-growing regions north of the equator, such as Costa Rica, India and Ethiopia, the main coffee harvesting season is between September and December. In coffee-growing countries south of the equator, such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, harvesting usually begins in April or May and can last until August. Exceptions are countries like Ecuador, Colombia or Rwanda and Kenya. These growing regions are located directly on the equator and, at the right altitudes, can produce coffee all year round.







You love experimenting? We do too! Try the Testroast and be surprised!

About the coffee

Variety: several

Processing: several

Harvest year: 2021

Bloody Good Espresso

Specialty coffee and fully automatic machines don't go together? We think that's not true. We have seen a continuous increase in the performance of fully automatic machines in recent years, and we decided to take on the challenge: we have developed a really good specialty espresso for fully automatic machines. If the settings are correct, the fully automatic machine is a reliable and consistent preparation method. For the short contact time between water and coffee powder, lighter espresso roasts - as are common in specialty coffee - are not suitable. With a classic, darker roast - like this one - you can enjoy the full variety of flavors!

espresso 19grams

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