Fully Automatic Coffee

The fully automatic coffee machine is becoming an increasingly popular method of preparing various coffee beverages. Especially professionals at home, but also small and large offices.

What is a fully automatic coffee maker?

A fully automatic coffee machine is a coffee machine that can automatically prepare various coffee specialities such as espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato. Unlike an espresso machine, which uses manually ground coffee powder, a fully automatic machine has an integrated grinder that automatically grinds the beans before the coffee is prepared.

How does a fully automatic machine prepare the coffee?

In a fully automatic machine, the coffee is prepared by using pressure and hot water, similar to the way espresso is prepared. The differences to espresso preparation, however, lie in the way the coffee is brewed and the amount of coffee used. Whereas with espresso a very finely ground coffee powder is pressed through a portafilter at high pressure, the fully automatic machine uses a somewhat coarser grind and brews the coffee in an internal brewing system.

In contrast to filter preparation, where the water runs slowly through the coffee powder, resulting in a mild but less intense coffee, the coffee in the fully automatic machine is prepared at higher pressure and in a shorter time, resulting in a stronger and more intense flavour.

Another advantage of the fully automatic machine is the ability to prepare various milk drinks automatically by frothing milk and mixing it with the coffee.

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From the green bean to brewed coffee

Roasting is the decisive step from the green raw material to the finished coffee. For us, it is also the most exciting! We test hundreds of coffee samples to select the ones we then gently develop into one of our 19gram coffees. We roast only Arabica coffees; gently, slowly and each bean individually. Rich, clear in flavour and retaining the sweetness of the coffee cherry. That is the maxim under which we roast. And it starts with the selection of the right coffees.

Finding the right coffee for your fully automatic machine

Which coffee roast fits best in a fully automatic machine is determined by the details of how a fully automatic machine works: The contact time of coffee powder and water is very short, which means that the time it takes to extract ground coffee is very short. To still have as much flavour in the cup as possible, you want a coffee that is rather dark roasted. The shorter the contact time, the darker the roast you choose should be. Filter roasts are not suitable for the fully automatic machine because they produce a rather unpleasant, sour cup.
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All coffees in one box

In the Espresso Test Box, you get all the classic roasts in a sample size of 50g per tin. Perfect if you want to find out which roast suits your taste best.
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