Samii Chelbesa #2 - Ethiopia Espresso
Caramel Fudge, White Peach , Guava

€63,60 / kg

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Coffees from Ethiopia are famous for being super fruity, and this coffee from Girum Assefa delivers on the promise – it's blown us away! It’s a washed coffee with notes of caramel fudge, white peach and guava. This part of the lot is an espresso roast, but you can try it as a filter too. 

About the coffee 

The cherries are picked and sorted by hand. After pulping, they spend up to 72 hours in a tank to ferment and loosen the mucilage. Next, they head to canals to be washed, where they are also sorted in the water by their density – the lower the density, the lower the quality. The floaters are therefore of a lower quality, so they are separated from their denser, tastier colleagues. 

The beans are then dried, packed into jute sacks and shipped to us in Berlin, where we carefully roast them before you can get your hands on them! 

About the farm 

This lot comes from Chelbesa, the biggest coffee growing region in Gedeb Woreda, Ethiopia, with a total of 1240 hectares of coffee farms. Girum Assefa is the director of the Danche washing station, a certified organic station in Chelbesa. He looks after the management of the facilities and the processing of the coffees. He’s passionate about passing his knowledge on to farmers in the area, teaching them about processing and cleaning methods, with the aim of improving the quality of the coffee and fostering innovation.

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