Samii Chelbesa #2 - Ethiopia Filter
Lavender, Bergamot , Lime

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Another coffee from the birthplace of coffee – Ethiopia. This fantastic coffee from Girum Assefa enchants with floral and complex flavours of delicate lavender, fresh bergamot and lime. We’ve roasted this part of the lot for filter, but you can try it as an espresso too. 

About the coffee 

The cherries are picked and sorted by hand. After pulping, they spend up to 72 hours in a tank to ferment and loosen the mucilage. Next, they head to canals to be washed, where they are also sorted in the water by their density – the lower the density, the lower the quality. The floaters are therefore of a lower quality, so they are separated from their denser, tastier colleagues. 

The beans are then dried, packed into jute sacks and shipped to us in Berlin, where we carefully roast them before you can get your hands on them! 

About the farm 

This lot comes from Chelbesa, the biggest coffee growing region in Gedeb Woreda, Ethiopia, with a total of 1240 hectares of coffee farms. Girum Assefa is the director of the Danche washing station, a certified organic station in Chelbesa. He looks after the management of the facilities and the processing of the coffees. He’s passionate about passing his knowledge on to farmers in the area, teaching them about processing and cleaning methods, with the aim of improving the quality of the coffee and fostering innovation.


Coffee from Ethiopia

Ethiopia is considered the country of origin of coffee and is now one of the largest coffee exporters in the world. Coffees from Ethiopia are very diverse and range from fruity lemony to floral flavors. While washed coffees impress with elegance and complexity, naturally processed coffees exhibit wildly fruity character traits.


Suited for

Recommended brewing ratio

16g coffee, 250g water, medium grind, brew time: 2.5 mins

Flavour notes

Lavender, Bergamot , Lime





A floral washed coffee from Ethiopia!

About the coffee

Variety: Dega, Wolisho

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 2100 masl

Harvest year: 2021

Soil type: Rich and fertile red soil

Shadow type: Mixed woodlands

Processing place: Danche washing station: certified organic!

About the farm

Farm: Chelbesa

Location: Chelbesa

Coffee farmer: Girum Assefa

Form of Operation: Washing station

Farm size: Total of 1,240 hectares of coffee farms

About the farm: SNAP COFFEE supports the community of small farmers who live near the washing station

Cooperation: New partner

coffee filter 19grams

Bloody Good Filter

Specialty Coffee und Vollautomaten gehen nicht zusammen? Wir finden, das stimmt nicht. Wir haben in den letzten Jahren eine kontinuierliche Leistungssteigerung bei Vollautomaten gesehen, und uns entschieden, die Herausforderung anzunehmen: wir haben einen richtig guten Specialty Espresso für Vollautomaten entwickelt. Korrekt eingestellt ist der Vollautomat ist eine zuverlässige und konsistente Zubereitungsmethode. Für die kurze Kontaktzeit von Wasser und Kaffeepulver eignen sich hellere Espressoröstungen - wie sie im Specialty Coffee üblich sind - nicht. Mit einer klassischen, dunkleren Röstung - wie dieser hier - kannst du die volle Aromenvielfalt genießen!

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