La Terraza Washed Geisha - Colombia Filter
Dattel, Lavendel, Rote Johannisbeere

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When juicy date meets delicately spicy lavender and tart red currant, the Geisha variety delivers what it promises. A simply unique flavor profile.

About the coffee

Fermentation of the coffee at La Terreza farm in Colombia begins when the very ripe cherry is harvested. Fermentation is carried out in plastic tanks where the cherries rest for about 24 hours before being pulped. The process is carried out dry in order to keep as much mucilage as possible in the bean and to obtain the maximum sweetness. The second fermentation phase lasts a maximum of about 60 hours. The PH of the mucilage during fermentation ranges from 3.7 to 4.1, and the average temperature in the fermentation tank can range from 12° to 29°. This temperature directly affects the behavior of the bacteria present, which begin their activation and multiplication process at 5°. Finally, the coffee is washed and dried in the sun in Marquesinas for 20 days. Through the washing process, the coffee acquires clear fruity notes with pronounced aromas.

About the farm

Juliana Guevara is relatively new to the coffee business and has been working as a coffee producer since 2017. She has studied various professions that have nothing to do with agriculture, such as law, criminology and accounting. Most importantly, she works shoulder-to-shoulder with her husband, with whom she develops agricultural projects for coffee producers. Together, they work to get the best quality coffee possible. Juliana has already adopted organic farming methods and is developing coffee production without agrochemicals. She uses agroecological practices that help protect and preserve the environment.

Juliana says the following about her passion, "One of my greatest passions is advocating for coffee producers in my community and working as a team to innovate in agriculture. I really enjoy producing coffee for the specialty industry to enhance the profiles produced on our farm. By tasting each batch, I can determine the fermentation process used and which way is best."

What you should know about this coffee

Coffee from Colombia

Coffee first came to Colombia in 1732. Since then, the fame of Colombian coffees has grown greatly, mainly thanks to the symbolic figure of the farmer Juan Valdez. Colombian coffees have a wide variety of flavors that vary from region to region. They range from heavy bodies with chocolatey notes to light bodies with a fruity sweet cup profile.



Recommended brewing ratio

16g Kaffee, 250g Wasser, mittlerer Mahlgrad, in etwa 2,5 min Brühzeit

Coffee flavours

Dattel, Lavendel, Rote Johannisbeere



Rote Johannisbeere


Ein fantastischer Geisha-Kaffee mit einem komplexen Geschmacksprofil.

About the coffee

Variety : Geisha

Processing : Washed

Altitude : 1700 masl

Harvest year : 2021

Shadow type : Umgeben von Walnuss-, Orangen-, und Zitronenbäumen

About the farm

Farm : La Terraza

Location: Las Aguilas

Coffee farmer: Juliana Guevara

Operator form: Familienbetrieb

Farm size: 6,5 Hektar

Other varieties on site: Red Bourbon

coffee filter 19grams

Bloody Good Filter

Specialty Coffee und Vollautomaten gehen nicht zusammen? Wir finden, das stimmt nicht. Wir haben in den letzten Jahren eine kontinuierliche Leistungssteigerung bei Vollautomaten gesehen, und uns entschieden, die Herausforderung anzunehmen: wir haben einen richtig guten Specialty Espresso für Vollautomaten entwickelt. Korrekt eingestellt ist der Vollautomat ist eine zuverlässige und konsistente Zubereitungsmethode. Für die kurze Kontaktzeit von Wasser und Kaffeepulver eignen sich hellere Espressoröstungen - wie sie im Specialty Coffee üblich sind - nicht. Mit einer klassischen, dunkleren Röstung - wie dieser hier - kannst du die volle Aromenvielfalt genießen!

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