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La Terraza Honey Geisha - Colombia Filter

Clementine, Yellow plum, Nougat
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    This honey-processed coffee caresses the taste buds with notes of fruity clementine, yellow plum and delicately melting nougat.

    About the coffee

    The fermentation of the coffee at La Terreza farm in Colombia begins with the harvest of the very ripe cherry. Fermentation is carried out in plastic tanks, where the cherries rest for about 24 hours and are then passed on to pulping. The process is carried out dry in order to leave as much mucilage as possible in the bean and to obtain the maximum sweetness. The second fermentation phase lasts a maximum of about 60 hours. The PH of the mucilage during the fermentation process ranges from 3.7 to 4.1, and the average temperature in the fermentation tank can range from 12° to 29°. This temperature directly affects the behavior of the bacteria present, which begin their activation and multiplication at 5°. Finally, the coffee is lightly washed, preserving as much mucilage as possible, and sun-dried in marquesinas for 20 days.

    The Honey Process is a blend of Washed and Natural. For many coffee lovers, this is the golden middle ground. The result is a naturally sweet flavor profile rich in fruity and nutty notes.

    About the farm

    Juliana Guevara is relatively new to the coffee business and has been working as a coffee producer since 2017. 

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    Deine 250g 19grams La Terraza Honey Geisha - Kolumbien Filter Tüte

    Suitable for filter preparation:

    About the coffee

    Clementine, Yellow plum, Nougat

    Score: 88


    Variety: Geisha
    Processing: Washed
    Harvesting Year: 2021
    Drying Time:

    Suggested brew recipe:
    16g coffee, 250g water, medium grind, in about 2,5 min brewing time

    About the coffee

    Thanks to the Honey process, this Geisha convinces with sweet fruity notes.

    The farm | La Terraza


    Juliana Guevara
    Type of Farm:
    Family Business

    Region, Country: Las Aguilas, CO
    1700 m ü. NN
    Soil type:
    Fertilisation method:
    Shadow Type: Surrounded by walnut, orange and lemon trees
    Processing location:

    Number of varieties:
    Harvest season:

    About the farm

    Bloody Good Coffee

    – SINCE 2002

    Bloody Good Rockstar

    Coffee is a fruit. This means it is naturally acidic, and contains many sugars. We roast our coffees to bring out this acidity and develop their natural sweetness.

    For us, all rare and special coffees are rockstars. We’re super proud of our diverse and extensive range of rare coffees. Geishas and other special varieties taste their best when we’re roasting them regularly and gaining experience. We are the only roasters in Germany that roast rockstars every single week, with Geisha and other rare varieties in our regular lineup.

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