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Fazenda Santuàrio Sul Yirgacheffe - Brazil Filter

Blueberry, Hazelnut, Bergamot
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    Fruity, Ethiopian flavours meet Brazilian terroir in this unique Yirgacheffe. With sweet notes of blueberry and bergamot, a full body and aftertaste reminiscent of hazelnut.

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    19grams Fazenda Santuàrio Sul Yirgacheffe - Brasilien Filter Deine 200g Tüte Fazenda Santuàrio Sul Brasilien Geisha Kaffee Infos

    Geeignet für die Filter Zubereitung:

    About the coffe

    Blueberry, Hazelnut, Bergamot

    Score: 88
    Sweetness: candied almonds
    Acidity: Soft and peachy

    Variety: Yirgacheffe
    Processing: 92h Anaerobic Natural
    Harvesting Year: 2021
    Drying Time: around 10 days

    Suggested brew recipe:
    16g coffee, 250g water, medium grind, approx. 2:30 min brewing time

    About the coffee

    Yirgacheffe is a famous Ethiopian heirloom variety that is seen in a new light here, grown in Brazil. This heirloom lot was processed after harvesting at Santuario Sul, Brazil using the 92-hour Anaerobic Natural process. This involves fermenting the coffee fruit in an oxygen-tight tank for almost four days before drying it in the sun. Fermentation in a closed container gives more control over the fermentation process, and results in a clean cup.

    Map Yirgacheffee Brazil

    The farm | Fazenda Santuàrio Sul

    The Fazenda Santuário Sul is located in Carmo de Minas, where more than 30 exotic coffee varieties are grown and processed. In recent years, the farm has had a brilliant track record at the Cup of Excellence with different coffees. Read more.

    long-term Partner
    Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira
    Type of Farm:
    Family run farm

    Region, Country: Carmo de Minas, BR
    1300 masl
    Soil type: fertile soils
    Fertilisation method: organic
    Shadow Type: shade grown
    Processing location:
    on the farm
    Number of varieties: over 30 different varietals
    Harvest season:

    About the farm

    The Fazenda Santuário Sul (the Sanctuary) is a project founded with the aim of being a pioneer of new trends. The coffees grown here reflect the tenacity of farmer Luiz Paulo and his partners.
    Today, in addition to traditional Brazilian varieties such as Yellow Bourbon, the farm has more than 30 exotic coffees, differentiated cultivation practices such as shaded fields and innovative practices that achieve new flavours.

    Fazenda Santuário Sul is located next to one of the most traditional plantations in Carmo de Minas, Irmãs Pereira, where the coffee is processed. Great care is taken to closely monitor the varieties planted in order to obtain the best results from the climatic conditions of the region. Moreover, Luiz Paulo himself insists on harvesting the first tests of each of these coffees. For the next few years, Luiz Paulo has no doubt, "the goal is to lead the avant-garde of the market and offer better and better qualities!"

    In recent years, the farm has had a brilliant track record at the Cup of Excellence with different coffees.

    Bloody Good Coffee

    – SINCE 2002

    Bloody Good Rockstar

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