Curated Coffee Subscription - Edition Valentine's Day

€133,20 / kg

On Valentine's Day 2021, give not only one, but three gifts to your Valentine. Inside, your sweetheart will find something really tasty, but we don't want to spoil the surprise too soon. The first box will arrive just in time for Valentine's Day. To keep the good times rolling, we'll send out the second and third boxes on March 15 and April 15.

With 19grams' curated Specialty Coffee subscription, your Valentine's gift comes three times over: 3 themes - 6 exceptional single origin coffees as filter roasts - including V60 equipment to get you started right away. Kicking things off are two coffee flavor profiles from Colombia, made exceptional by fermentation experiments. Followed by two coffees from Rwanda. The impressive finale is tasted with two Geisha rarities from Brazil.

I. Shipment | Colombian Edition
The Pink Bourbon Series. Two outstanding lots from well-known farms in Colombia. La Granada and El Mirador show the beauty of dedication to a very rare and delicate variety. The Pink Bourbon lots have been washed to bring out their clear flavors.

II Delivery | Rwanda Edition
These two coffees of the Bourbon variety were prepared by the Simbi Washing Station in Rwanda. The coffee trees grow in the Huye region at the incredible altitude of 2000 masl. This incredible altitude is a big reason why the Bourbon trees develop the most complex and sweet flavor profile.
The exciting thing about the March set is also that we get the same beans processed in two different ways. You will have the opportunity to taste one batch that was processed in the classic Natural way, while the other was processed anaerobically natural, meaning under exclusion of air.

III Shipping | Brazil Edition
In April, we will explore two great Geisha coffees from Brazil. The Geisha variety originated in Africa, where it was rarely found due to the low yield of the trees and the intensive care they require. For the past few years, this variety has enjoyed great popularity, with several batches sold by Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama at extremely high prices due to the exceptional cup profile of their coffees. We are curious to see how you will like this Geisha coffee from Brazil.

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