Backstage information to the Rockstar Coffees

Four different, carefully sourced coffees, each special in its own category, will guide you through the facets of top-class specialty coffees this Advent.

Here's where to go now for the Meet&Greet with the rock stars:

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Sonora Geisha Natural - Costa Rica Filter
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Los Azacuanes - El Salvador Filter
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4 Llamas Geisha - Bolivia Filter
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Don Martin H17

Rockstar Coffee

  • Sonora Geisha - Costa Rica Filter  

    Sonora Geisha - Costa Rica Filter

    The Geisha variety is still one of the most prestigious in the world and therefore also one of the most expensive to trade. For us, Hacienda Sonora is our longest coffee relationship and we are even more excited to roast this batch for our Rockstar Calendar. Our Sonora Geisha is a naturally processed coffee with intense tropical flavours of fruity mango, passion fruit and a lingering sweetness of honey.
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  • Shantawene - Ethiopia Filter  

    Shantawene - Ethiopia Filter

    Shantawene Anaerobic is an extremely complex coffee. The rich and intense flavour profile is due to the prolonged fermentation as the cherries are fully fermented, which increases the fructose content during processing so that the beans later develop the complex, sweet and exciting profile: We taste the sweetness of caramel, tropical acids and a rich, intense mouthfeel. Our roast masters describe the finish as tropical-complex.
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  • Ojo de Agua - Mexico Filter  

    Ojo de Agua - Mexico Filter

    The Cup of Excellence is the most important coffee award a farm can win for its beans. The Cup of Excellence is held nationally in the various coffee countries every year. Many coffee professionals travel to the growing countries as judges in this competition and not only evaluate the coffees neutrally, but are also networked directly with the farmers. At 19grams, we have several members of our team who regularly participate in the COE, for example our roasters Mars and Anthony. This lot from the Ojo de Agua farm in Mexico was awarded the Cup of Excellence in 2022.
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  • Los Cotuzos - El Salvador Filter  

    Los Cotuzos - El Salvador Filter

    An interesting geisha lot from El Salvador. Grown at an altitude of 1,300 metres, it develops subtle notes of green apple, hazelnut and a creamy sweetness.

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Special Coffees

  • Geisha

  • Cup of Excellence

  • Fermentation

The first coffee is a Geisha. These are considered the kings of Specialty Coffees and have become increasingly well-known and popular in recent years. This is mainly due to the rarity of the variety, the exceptional taste profile as well as a very high quality.

The second coffee is this year's Cup of Excellence winner. The Marsellesa-Varietal is grown on the Farm Ojo de Agua in Mexico. An exceptional lot with a special flavour profile. Learn more about the Cup of Excellence.
Cup of Excellence

The fourth coffee impresses with its special taste profile. This was achieved through a special post-harvest fermentation process that optimally brings out the flavours of the coffee bean.

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