Hacking Geisha Kaffee

Hacking Geisha Kaffee

Not only the price/quantity, but also the "RARE" tag can be intimidating. What if the cup turns out to be nothing? How much room is there for adjustment, grinding and readjustment?

A rare coffee for over 20€/200g should probably not be your first cup in the morning, but rather celebrated as a small ritual. A rare coffee is also perfect to share with your loved ones.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your exceptional bean:

1. Use high quality water

There are several options here: You can either buy a good (and maybe even tried and tested by you) mineral water, or you use ThirdWaveWater.

If you prefer to buy a ready-made water, we recommend using Volvic, with which we have had the best experiences when making coffee.

If you prefer the tried and tested method of ThirdWaveWater, we recommend the classic filter profile, which you can also get in our online shop.

2. Grind your coffee fresh

For some, this may seem excessive, but once you've had the pleasure of freshly ground coffee, you'll never want to go back. That's why we recommend getting a grinder. In the beginning, a small hand grinder might be enough, or you can go all in and get an electric grinder. There are outstanding models here, including entry-level models from various suppliers.

3. Weigh your coffee

This may seem incomprehensible to spoon fanatics, but it makes all the difference whether you know how much coffee you're brewing and ergo how much water you need, or whether you're simply making your cup of coffee by rule of thumb.

A scale with a built-in timer is especially helpful here, because it gives you all the numbers you need to time your brew correctly at a glance.

You already have a tried and tested recipe and your equipment is A1? Then get started - and just dare, because you're perfectly prepared for the royal class of coffees. If you have any specific questions, our professionals will be happy to help. Simply write us an email at info@19grams.coffee