Meet the Team | Michael vom Online Department

Meet the Team | Michael vom Online Department

Michael has been part of the online team since April 2022 and is responsible for content, newsletters (which he likes to call Newsys) and, for example, customer support. Maybe he just answered your question about an order? :) So write to him, he is especially happy about good feedback. Happy Reading!

When did you start making in Specialty Coffee?


And why?

At the time, I was working in a typical Berlin advertising agency with a portafilter machine. The coffee was horrible, so I wanted to switch to a fair and sustainable option with high quality. And then I fell into the hole of specialty coffee.

Describe your job at 19grams in one sentence, please.

I translate what the roasters and trainers say into words that everyone understands, but basically it's all about content and marketing.

What experience do you have in marketing, how long have you been doing it?

I studied business administration with a focus on marketing and worked for two years in different agencies.

Have you worked in different positions in your coffee career?

I started as a barista in a small specialty coffee roastery in Charlottenburg (Berlin) and joined 19grams after my studies to combine coffee making with my experience.

Is there anything special about this industry that fascinates you?

People really love coffee and get very nerdy talking about coffee. I love that.

Is there one fact about coffee that blows your mind?

That the majority of people drink burnt coffee from unfair and unsustainable trade and think that's how coffee tastes and how it's traded.

Can you remember the first time you tried specialty coffee?

I think 2016 at the Sweet Spot in Munich. A washed Ethiopian.

What's your favorite coffee drink?

Oat Flat White

You're from Munich - are there any particular roasteries or cafes you like to visit when you're in Munich?

I love the concept, the store, the people and of course the coffee at Sweet Spot.

Do you have a special morning coffee routine?

If I have time, I drink a V60 filter.