Specialty Coffee Pods in Tüten und Morning Machine

Sustainable Specialty Coffee Pods

Environmentally friendly coffee capsules do not exist? Yes there is - at 19grams there is! The first sustainable pods with the best 19grams coffee! In this blog, you'll learn all about the four varieties we've chosen for our pods and how the capsules are made.

Why Specialty Coffee in capsules?

Coffee from a capsule - aside from our coffee drippers - is the easiest way to have great coffee at the touch of a button. You don't need any additional equipment or knowledge about making coffee, just your capsule machine. We've already taken care of the perfect grind setting - and put special emphasis on taste when developing our capsules.

And for our latte art lovers: The espresso from our 19grams capsules is so well balanced that you can conjure up beautiful latte art with the crema! Just try it! By the way, you can use our pods with any Nespresso machine.

Preparation recommendation: For the optimal taste experience, we recommend preparation with the Ristretto button, not the Lungo button.

Are the 19grams capsules really sustainable?

Yes! We have chosen a sustainable, 100% biodegradable variant for the development of our capsules, We love specialty coffee and we put special emphasis on the sustainable cultivation of coffee, fair payment of our partners from the coffee Origins especially because of its

What are the capsules made of?

We have chosen an aluminum-free capsule that is compostable. So you can simply dispose of the used capsules with your organic waste. The pods are made exclusively from sustainable materials. The outer cardboard ring seal was made from cellulose and is biodegradable. The bio-capsule itself is made from renewable raw materials and is DIN CERTCO biobased certified.

Furthermore, our capsules are produced CO2/climate neutral with energies from wind, sun, hydropower and biogas and are 100% produced in Germany. So we can guarantee you short delivery routes and a really fresh product.

Thanks to their high sealing against oxygen, the capsules are aroma-intensively packed and have a particularly long shelf life. For additional flavor protection, they come in our recyclable airtight aroma bags.

Fun fact on the side: studies show that capsules are less harmful to the environment than other coffee brewing methods. Aside from the environmental impact of growing the beans, the second biggest impact is the energy required to brew coffee. This is the reason why the portafilter machine performs worse: It takes a lot of energy to brew just one tiny cup of espresso. Capsules, on the other hand, are more efficient. The coffee makers only heat the amount of water needed for one serving of espresso. Even your espresso maker(Bialetti), which sits on a gas stove or hotplate, uses significantly more energy than a capsule machine.

What coffees can you now easily make with your Nespresso machine?

We'll start with four different, and all the more exciting, coffees:

With our classic, the Italo Disco you get a harmonious and full-bodied espresso. The Sonora L9 was grown on the Hacienda Sonora - one of our longtime partners. The finca is 100% sustainable and is self-sufficient in electricity. It comes with subtle acids in your cup. If you like more fruity notes in your cup, the Don Martin Geisha Enano is perfect for you. It's also excellent in a cappuccino. Our fourth in the bunch is our Decaf from Colombia, with this decaffeinated espresso there is no shortage of late afternoon enjoyment.