Kaffee in der Schwangerschaft

Coffee during pregnancy

One of the big issues when the strip has (finally?) Turned pink:

What should and shouldn't be consumed during pregnancy. There are some clear don'ts, but when it comes to coffee, opinions still differ.

We talked to Kathi our online manager and asked her about her pregnancy. Because Kathi has been working for us for several years and we are all very attached to this wonderful brown magic drink, it was a clear adjustment for her at the beginning. Here comes the whole interview.

Did you drink coffee throughout your pregnancy?

At the beginning, not until the 12th week of pregnancy. That's when I had some pretty weird aversions, or cravings, and for a while I could only have yellow/light foods (potatoes, mango, oranges, yellow smoothies, yogurt, pretzel sticks...) :D

Coffee fell out of this pattern unfortunately.

From the fourth month on, everything went back to normal and I slowly started looking forward to my cup of coffee in the morning again without my stomach turning.

When did you start drinking coffee again?

The nausea went away suddenly at the end of the 12th week of pregnancy. After that I could drink coffee again.

Did you notice any difference during the weeks without coffee?

Yes! Headaches! If I'm honest, I've been drinking coffee every day since I was 15. That's almost 20 years (oh bake!). A day without caffeine is noticeable in that I get a headache and I feel tired.

The interesting question would be how long were you pregnant before you knew you were pregnant? Did the diagnosis trigger something in you that led to a change in perception of coffee, among other things?

You naturally worry about whether coffee, or caffeine, can be harmful to the baby. Google is no help there. There is so much different information on the Internet. You are already very unsettled as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. I have always discussed questions and concerns with my doctor and midwife. This also included the topic of coffee during pregnancy. I was confirmed by both that 1-2 cups a day is perfectly fine.

How many cups are you drinking by now?

I'm back to normal, so 3-4 cups per day. During my pregnancy about 1-3 cups.

Were you not so tired then either?

Absolutely. In the first weeks without caffeine I noticed that a lot. But a lot of things come together in the first time. The hormone changes, the nausea, the excitement... all that is very energy-sapping. Then there's the caffeine withdrawal. I was already very tired in the first few weeks and very happy when I could drink coffee again.

Did you also drink decaffeinated coffee?

Rarely. Only when I had already drunk 2 cups a day and still felt like an oat cappuccino with my afternoon cake :)

Have your senses of taste and smell also returned to normal?

From the fourth month quite quickly again.

Did your doctor actually address the issue of caffeine?

Yes. My midwife did too. It is always advisable to discuss such things with your doctor and midwife instead of scrolling through hundreds of mommy forums.

Did you also drink espresso?

Straight espresso, no. With oat milk, yes.

Do you think your tastes will change again after pregnancy?

My pregnancy was over a year ago and my normal tastes have returned.