Keine Laptops am Wochenende

No Laptops on Weekends

We know that this is a real tragedy for some of you, but hey, we have damn good reasons for it!

Our café is meant to be a cozy place where you can relax, meet friends, read a good book, or simply enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. But when everyone is sitting around with their laptops and wireless headphones, we quickly get an office whisper atmosphere...

Furthermore, we want all of our guests to find a place and feel comfortable - that's hard to do when some tables are occupied for an above-average length of time by a few workaholics. Why not bring your friends on the weekend for a change of pace, or meet up for a chat over a damn good cup of coffee?

We hope that you understand our decision and still feel comfortable with us. After all, it's also nice to turn off your phone and focus on the essentials - good coffee and good company!

So come on by, let's have a great time together. We look forward to seeing you!