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Shiny Beans Espresso

Dunkle Schokolade, Melasse, Haselnuss
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    by Jessica Ginkel and Daniel Fehlow

    Developed by Jessica, Daniel, and our Head Roaster, Anthony: Shiny Beans Espresso.The beans of Shiny Beans Espresso are sustainably grown in India. Roasted just the way that Jessica and Daniel, and hopefully you, like it, with warm, decadent, nutty notes of hazelnut and almond, but also sweet raisins.


    "We love good coffee! But for us, good coffee means not only that it tastes good, but also that it is grown and traded in the best way for people and nature. Unfortunately, the reality is that this is the exception rather than the rule in the coffee industry.... Luckily, we don't want, or need, to go along with that anymore. We've teamed up with 19grams, a Specialty Coffee Roaster from Berlin, to develop an espresso that tastes delicious, both as an espresso and in combination with milk." - Jessica & Daniel


    About the Coffee

    AA Karnataka is a Specialty Coffee from the Chikmagalur district in southwestern India, a region that was once part of the Kingdom of Mysore. The coffee is grown in this region in harmony with nature under the natural shade of forest trees and blended with other plants such as pepper, vanilla and nuts. AA Karnataka is a strong and round Arabica coffee. Once the coffee reaches us in Berlin, we roast it with the goal of giving it a lush richness of flavor with aroma notes of hazelnut, almond and raisin.

    You may be wondering what the AA stands for in the name of this coffee? As in many other coffee-growing countries, India has a size-based classification system, ranging from AAA (the largest variety) to AA and A to PB (Peaberry). Traditionally, it has been said that the larger the bean size, the higher the quality, but with the development of Specialty Coffee, the industry has realized that this is not necessarily true.

    About the Farm

    The Chikmagalur district in the Karnataka region is located in southwestern India and has an impressive history of coffee cultivation. The history of coffee cultivation goes back to the myth of the pilgrim, Baba Budan. He is said to have traveled through Yemen around 1670 and brought the coffee plant to India. Coming from Mecca, he smuggled seven coffee seeds across the border. Seven is considered a sacred number in Islam, which is why Baba Budan's actions are still considered a holy deed today. He planted the first seeds in Chikmagalur, where they thrived excellently. The Bababudangiri Mountains are still an important coffee growing area in India today. The coffees grown here are not only considered rarities, but also the most complex and finest Arabica coffees in India.

    Their aromas are strongly influenced by the surrounding flora and fauna: spices such as pepper, vanilla, cardamom, but also orange trees, all of which provide great tastes.

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    The coffee cherry can develop up to 1,200 different natural flavours. Depending on location and variety. Learn to understand the flavours in coffee with the Scoring Card. Grade your coffee by filling out your Scoring Card.
    Deine Shiny Beans Espresso Tüte Deine Shiny Beans Espresso Tüte Infos

    Suitable for espresso preparation:

    Bloody Good Coffee

    - SINCE 2002

    About the coffee

    Dark chocolate, Melasse, Hazelnut

    Score: -
    Sweetness: gering
    Acidity: gering
    samtig, cremig

    Variety: Selection 795
    Processing: Washed
    Harvesting Year: 2020
    Drying Time: mehrere Wochen

    Suggested brew recipe:
    1:2,5 (z.B. 19gr Kaffee auf 47,5gr Wasser) in 30-35 Sekunden

    About the coffee

    Ein typisch indischer Kaffee mit nussigen und schokoladigen Noten - von euren GZSZ-Lieblingen.

    The farm | Karnataka

    The AA Karnataka comes from the Chikmagalur district in India.

    new partner
    Type of Farm:

    Region, Country: Indien, IN
    1.200 m üNN
    Soil type: fruchtbare Waldböden
    Fertilisation method: Biologisch
    Shadow Type: im Dschungel gewachsen
    Processing location:
    at the farm
    Number of varieties: verschiedene
    Harvest season:

    About the farm

    Der Distrikt Chikmagalur in der Region Karnataka liegt im Südwesten Indiens und hat eine beeindruckende Geschichte des Kaffeeanbaus vorzuweisen. Die Geschichte des Kaffeeanbaus geht auf die Legende des Pilgers Baba Budan zurück. Er soll um 1670 durch den Jemen gereist sein und die Kaffeepflanze nach Indien gebracht haben. Von Mekka kommend, schmuggelte er sieben Kaffeesamen über die Grenze. Die Sieben gilt im Islam als heilige Zahl, weshalb Baba Budans Handeln auch heute noch als heilige Tat angesehen wird. Er pflanzte die ersten Samen in Chikmagalur, wo sie hervorragend gediehen. Die Bababudangiri Berge sind auch heute noch ein wichtiges Kaffeeanbaugebiet in Indien. Die hier angebauten Kaffees gelten nicht nur als Raritäten, sondern auch als die komplexesten und feinsten Arabica-Kaffees in Indien.

    Ihre Aromen werden stark von der umliegenden Flora und Fauna beeinflusst: Gewürze wie Pfeffer, Vanille, Kardamom, aber auch Orangenbäume, die allesamt für tolle Geschmacksnoten sorgen.

    Espresso läuft durch Siebträger in 19grams Tasse

    Bloody Good Espresso

    Coffee is a fruit which is naturally acidic and contains many sugars. We roast our espresso to develop a fine acidity and to bring out its natural sweetness.

    Our espresso roasts aim to present the strong flavour profiles of different origins. Discover our single origin espressos – all 100% arabica coffees, carefully selected and gently roasted by our team in Berlin.

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