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Rise & Grind by Amy Franke

Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Cherry Jam
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Amy Franke can't do without coffee - not only is the cup (or bucket) of coffee a key element and inspiration in many of Amy's illustrations, the magical brown drink is also "survival fuel" and one of the reasons for the insane success of the Munich-based artist Berlin-based illustrator Amy Franke.

Amy Franke is "coffee sipping illustrator" and has not only been making Instagram unsafe for about 3 years, but also the (German) coffee scene. What could be more obvious than to roast your own coffee?

When the real Amy makes coffee at home, now it's her own roast! The "Rise and Grind" roast has everything that makes sunshine out of a morning grouch:

The roast profile of "Rise and Grind" is medium to dark and is reminiscent of classic Italian roasts - with a strong roasted note and pleasant sweetness. The Arabica bean, a Catuai bean from Brazil, tastes chocolaty and sweet with notes of caramel and cherry jam.

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    Rise & Grind at your home

    Amy Franke X 19grams

    A Coffee Sipping Illustrator

    Amy Franke cannot live without coffee. The cup of coffee is not only a key element and inspiration for many of her illustrations, but the magical brown drink is also her "survival power" and a reason for her success as an illustrator in Berlin. Amy Franke has not only been known on Instagram for about three years, but also in the German coffee scene. In keeping with her collaboration with Rancilio, for which she lovingly illustrated a portafilter machine, she is now launching her own espresso roast. From now on, when she makes coffee at home, it will be with her own roast! The "Rise and Grind" roast contains everything that turns a morning grouch into a sunshine. We interviewed Amy Franke to find out more about her illustrations and her enthusiasm for coffee.

    19grams Coffee

    Why a collaboration?

    We at 19grams have been making damn good coffee since 2002. It's easy to understand that damn good coffee goes well with cool illustrations. A dream team not only in the cup - but also when you look at it!

    Santa Cecilia Birdview

    To coffee

    Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Cherry Jam

    Score: 85
    Sweetness: 4/5 Dark Chocolate
    Acitidy: 1/5 integrated
    5/5 rich and creamy
    4/5 creamy and nutty

    Varietal: Catuai PB
    Process: Natural
    Harvest Year: 2022
    Drying time: 2 weeks

    Brewing Example:
    1:2, 19g ground coffee to 40g espresso yield, brew time: 30-35 seconds. Also great in a fully automatic machine

    About the Coffeee

    A classic, dark espresso roast with the taste of your Italian holiday! This coffee convinces with a classic taste profile of a really good Italian espresso. Intense notes of dark chocolate and nuts with a pleasant marzipan-like sweetness.

    Santa Cecilia is a large, third-generation, family owned coffee farming Camp do Paranaíba.

    Impressions of the

    Map Italo Brazil

    About the Farm

    Santa Cecilia is a large, third-generation, family owned coffee farming Camp do Paranaíba.

    long term partner
    Farmer/ Producer:
    Pedro Humberto Veloso
    Operator form:
    family-owned farm

    Country, Region: Brazil, Minas Gerais
    1100 masl
    Soil Type: fertile soils
    Fertilization Method: organic
    Shadow Type: Grown in shadow
    Place of Processing:
    on the farm
    Number of Varietals: Several
    Harvest Time:
    May - Sept

    Bloody Good Coffee

    – SINCE 2002

    Bloody Good Coffee

    Coffee is a fruit with many, natural fruit acids. At 19grams, we roast the coffees to bring out these acids, but also to bring out the sweetness. When our roasters develop a flavour profile for a filter coffee, they look for a slightly lower temperature. In our coffees, we bring out the natural flavour profile of each variety, but also of the terroir of Origin.

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