Espresso Test Box
Die Espresso Test Box in Gebrauch

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Try your way through our espresso classics: Italo Disco, Endless Summer, Little Flower and the Orang Utan coffee - changing monthly: the espresso of the month. The perfect introduction to Specialty Coffee. Ideal as a gift!

Dive into the world of specialty coffees and test yourself through our various espresso roasts. In this set we have put together for you all five great espresso roasts, which are the ideal introduction to the world of specialty coffee for you.

Particularly exciting is this espresso test set for proud owners of fully automatic machines, because specialty coffee and fully automatic machines go very well together! Try this set through our espresso classics:

Italo Disco - dark espresso roast

With this espresso, you bring the taste of your last Italian vacation home. This Arabica bean from Fazenda Sertão, in Brazil, comes across clear and fine, with a bold punch of dark chocolate paired with subtle, fruity flavors of cherry jam and caramel.

Endless Summer - Costa Rica

The Endless Summer espresso comes from Tarrazù, Costa Rica. It is roasted a little darker and is thus ideally suited for preparation in fully automatic machines. In the cup, it develops warm and strong cocoa nuances, with flavors of melon and sweet cane sugar for your perfect coffee experience. Perfect, also, for the fully automatic machine!

Little Flower - Espresso from India

This coffee from India is particularly gently roasted and, therefore, very low in acid. Nevertheless, it has a strong, full body. You taste notes of almond marzipan, sweet fruit, hazelnut and cocoa.

Orang Utan Coffee - Sumatra

Our Orang Utan coffee, with flavors of hazelnut and chocolate, comes from an environmental project to preserve the rainforest. The excellent orangutan espresso coffee from Sumatra, with nutty flavors and a strong body, stands out for its mild acidity. The coffee is freshly roasted by us in Berlin.

Espresso of the month
Let yourself be surprised by the espresso of the month: every month our roasters select a new espresso for you, which stands out for its special characteristics. Get excited about the world of specialty coffees!

The perfect coffee gift for espresso lovers and beginners!

Was du über diesen Kaffee wissen solltest

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Fünf verschiedene Röstungen in einer Box - Der perfekte Einstieg in Specialty Coffee!

Über den Kaffee

Varietät: verschiedene

Verarbeitung: verschiedene

Erntejahr: 2021


Empfohlenes Brühverhältnis

1:2, 19gr Kaffee für 40gr Espresso, Brühzeit: 30-35 Sekunden.

Bloody Good Espresso

bloody good espresso text

espresso 19grams

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