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3. December | Barahona AA - Dominican Republic Espresso

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A soft flavour profile with notes of vanilla and almond.

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1:2, 19gr coffee grounds for 40gr espresso, brewing time: 30-35 seconds.

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About the coffee

Washed, Caturra

Coffees from the Dominican Republic are known for their full body, moderate to light acidity, rich aroma and earthy tones. Our Barahona coffee is no exception, with a full-bodied coffee that deciphers the harmonious combination of notes of caramel, vanilla and almond.

About the farm

The hilly landscapes, tropical forests and abundant rainfall of the Dominican Republic provide an attractive ecoclimate for growing coffee at no more than medium altitudes. Barahona" coffee grows in shady plantations on the island of Hispaniola, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The ecosystem has a high biodiversity and the tropical microclimate provides moderate winds from the northeast.

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