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18. Serrano Superior - Cuba Filter

Cedar, Dark Chocolate, Almond

Today's coffee is a special one, as it's the very first coffee we've ever roasted from Cuba. Cuban coffees have long been hard to come by on the international market, but as the Island economy opens to global trade, we're lucky to try this unusual, nutty and woody coffee.


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Bloody Good Advent

– 8th Edition

To the coffee

Cedar, Dark Chocolate, Almond

Sweetness: 2/5 Walnut
Acidity: 2/5 Mellow
2/5 Cedar
2/5 Heavy and Short

Variety: Typica
Processing: Washed
Harvesting Year: 2021/22
Drying Time:

Suggested brew recipe:
1:16.5 (eg 15g coffee to 250g water) in 2:30 to 3:30 minutes

About the coffee

This Serrano Superior from Cuba brings together a walnut sweetness with a restrained acidity in a rich and bold coffee. It has a woody body with notes of cedar, and a swift and unimposing finish. We taste notes of almonds and dark chocolate.

The farm | Serrano

Cuba has a long and complex history of coffee growing. It's a central part of Cuban culture, with coffee first being grown on the island in 1748 by José Antonio Gelabert, a Spanish administrator who was in charge of the colonial purse in Havana. These early seedlings of coffee production were bolstered with the arrival of more colonists in the early 19th century, when French plantation owners were forced to move their operations from neighbouring Haiti after the Haitian revolution abolished slavery. Landing in the south east of Cuba, they set up several plantations where they employed their practices from Haiti to increase the productivity of Cuba’s coffee production, though not without human costs. Today, the remnants of these plantations are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Under communism, coffee production was nationalised and flagged, with the Soviet Union being Cuba's only international trading partner and domestic supplies sometimes getting so scarce that the weekly rations had to be cut with peas or chickpeas.

The vast majority of coffee is produced in the south east of the country, in the Baracoa region where French colonists set up their plantations, and in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, where this Serrano Superior hails from. It's a washed coffee produced by a collective of smallholding farmers, who primarily grow the Typica variety.

New Partner
Type of Farm:
Cooperative of Smallholders

Region, Country: Sierra Maestra, Cuba
1500 masl
Soil type: Loamy sand
Fertilisation method: oragnic
Shadow Type: Shade grown
Processing location:
On the farm
Number of varieties: Various
Harvest season:

Der 19grams Kaffee Adventskalender 2022 für Espresso und Filter

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