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Back to the beginning

When you open a Specialty Coffee roastery under the name Tres Cabezas in Friedrichshain in 2002, you need a lot of idealism, conviction and passion. Because at that time Specialty Coffee was perhaps a topic in the USA, Australia or in UK; in Berlin and Germany it was certainly not.

But we tried it anyway with the following idea in mind: coffee, as it was drunk at that time in restaurants, bars, cafes or even at home, simply did not convince us. Qualitatively not, but also not in terms of trade, production and processing. We wanted to change that.

What we wanted to change

First and foremost, it was about finding our way back to this fascinating starting product - the coffee cherry - which ripens under very special conditions on a bush into a fruit with which so many great things are possible. back to the roots - we first had to learn. Accumulate knowledge about cultivation, harvesting, processing, about varieties and soil conditions, and about the possibilities to buy special coffees and bring them to us in Berlin.

We have accepted all the challenges:

We have traveled, talked to people, crawled around in the dirt, planted on our own coffee farm, harvested and tried to sell. In the process, we got a little better each time, understood a little more about what separates good coffee from the bad one. We made friends: Farmers who share our idea of good coffee. We are supplied from all over the world - Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Indonesia and China. Because coffee is also a seasonal product and for the best quality it is necessary to stick to the harvest cycles.

We have grown

We have shared our knowledge and have had growth: From great colleagues in Australia, the US and other countries. We've taken influences and expertise and incorporated them into the selection of green coffees, but most importantly, into the roasts and the development of outstanding filter coffees and espresso roasts that you can taste with us today. And we have changed the name. We are now 19grams, thanks to our colleagues from Australia, where 19 grams is the amount of coffee needed for a double espresso.

The Enthusiasm

You can buy from us without a doubt. We know our shit, as our Australian colleagues say. We have coffee partners around the world who supply us with the product we - and you - love so much.

Around us, the enthusiasm for Specialty Coffee is growing, as is the search volume on Google and, most importantly, the awareness that coffee can be so much more than a bag from the supermarket for little money. We pay attention to the producers, we travel to the farmers, we talk, understand and discuss, we strive for real sustainability in production and we make incredibly good coffee. We are not ideological. We welcome questions, suggestions and criticism! Because it is important to us to continue to get a little better every day.

Who is 19grams?

19grams, that's a lot of people from all over the world. You can find out who exactly on our team page. Behind 19grams there are no longer "Tres Cabezas" (also), but a whole FOUR:

From left to right: Gerrit, Anthony, Marianne und Sascha.

Our philosophy

  • We are 19grams

  • Directly traded

  • Cup of Excellence

  • Sustainability

  • How we source our coffees

  • Making Specialty Coffee accessible

Founded in 2002 by Sascha and two friends in Berlin Friedrichshain. From the beginning, we imported Specialty Coffee from Costa Rica from farms we had met to serve. These were our first direct relationships with coffee farmers. Fast forward 20 years, and we are still trading directly with coffee producers from all around the world. Direct trade is a trend today, but for us it has always been part of our DNA. We name our coffees after the farm where they are grown to focus on the work of the farmers. Our coffees are prepared by cafés and home brewers around the world.

The 19grams Story

We believe that strong relationships with farmers are key. By eliminating the middlemen in our supply chain, we achieve more. Talking to farmers and producers directly allows us to understand their work and trace each coffee back to the tree, bringing the best quality to your cup. More importantly, we can pay the farmer a price that is many times higher than the commodity coffee price. This helps to improve living and production conditions in the countries where the coffee is grown.

Partner in Origin

The Cup of Excellence is the highest award a coffee can receive. But the Cup of Excellence does not only judge the best coffees in the world, it also enables roasters and farmers to establish direct contact. We are proud to have several COE judges among our partners and in our core team. Through this direct connection, we regularly find standout coffees, meet the farmers, learn and discuss, and build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Cup of Excellence

We work with farmers whose strength and focus lies in the sustainable cultivation and processing of coffee. A great example of this is Hacienda Sonora, which is 100% carbon neutral and has been one of our partners for more than 20 years.


Our coffee range is based on the seasonal harvest cycles in the growing regions and is therefore limited in supply. In addition to the coffees from our long-standing partnerships, our roasting team is always on the lookout for special micro-lots. Carefully selected, they show the wide variety of specialty coffee and outstanding flavour profiles. We're following new processing trends that bring a a whole world a flavours you've never tasted in coffee into your cup.

Coffee-growing regions

We want to help make specialty coffee accessible. For many coffee drinkers, specialty coffee can be tricky to understand. We guide you through the full range of flavours, from acidity, to bitterness and sweetness, going beyond the classic concept of specialty coffee. We think that specialty coffee pods, drippers, and bean-to-cups are must-haves for an easy and approachable specialty coffee offering.

Specialty Coffee
Chemex Filterkaffee wird in 19grams Tasse gegossen
Kaffeefarmer füllt Kaffeekirschen auf der Hacienda Sonora um
Kaffeefarmer Rob, Sascha und Diego auf der Hacienda, Sonora
Bild von getrockneten Kaffee in China
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