Our Philosophy

19grams - Our philosophy

Direct trade is most important part of our DNA, we roast coffees to bring out their natural flavor

We ARE 19GRAMS - founded in 2002 by Sascha and two friends in Berlin Friedrichshain. We started at that time to brew Specialty Coffee, imported directly from Costa Rica from farms we had met from a vacation. Our first direct relationships with coffee farmers.
Fast forward 20 years - we are 19grams and still trading directly with coffee producers around the world. Direct trade is now a trend that has always been part of our DNA. We name our coffees after the farm where they were grown to focus on the work of the farmers. Our coffee beans are prepared by cafes and home brewers around the world.


We believe that a strong relationship with farmers is key. By eliminating intermediaries in our supply chain, we accomplish more: speaking directly with farmers and producers allows us to understand their work and trace each coffee back to the tree, bringing the best quality to your cup. More importantly, we can pay the farmer a price that is many times higher than the commodity coffee price. This helps improve living and production conditions in the countries where the coffee is grown.


The Cup of Excellence is the highest award a coffee can receive. But the Cup of Excellence not only evaluates the best coffees in the world, it also enables roasters and farmers to establish direct contact. We are proud to have several COE judges among our partners and in our core team. (Link: Meet the team). Through this direct connection, we regularly find stand-out coffees, meet the farmers, learn and discuss, and build strong, long-lasting relationships. (Link: The COE 2021 at 19grams)


We work with farmers whose strength and focus is in growing and processing coffee sustainably. A great example of this is Hacienda Sonora, which is 100% sustainable and has been one of our partners for nearly 20 years. (Link to Hacienda Sonora)


Our coffee assortment is based on the seasonal harvest cycles in the growing regions and are therefore limited in supply. In addition to the coffees from our long-standing partnerships, our roasting team is always on the lookout for special micro-lots. Carefully selected, they show the wide variety of Specialty Coffee and outstanding flavor profiles. We follow the trend of new processing techniques that bring a new world of flavor to your cup, with flavors you haven't yet tasted in your coffee.


We want to help you tap into Specialty Coffee. For many coffee drinkers - especially in Germany - Specialty Coffee is hard to understand. We'll help you, and introduce you to the acids and sweetness. In doing so, we go beyond the classic idea of Specialty Coffee. We believe Specialty Coffee in pods, disposable drip machines, and fully automatic machines is a must-have for making the best coffees easily.

How WE Roast

Our roast style is medium and fully developed. This is how we bring out the natural flavor profile in the best way possible - terroir, processing method, sweeteners and acids. Our roasting team creates a roast profile with an appreciation for the great work of the farmer.
Our espresso roasts are slightly more evolved than our filter roasts to work on any espresso machine. Our roasters work closely with our bar crew, and offer regular workshops and cuppings so that you, the coffee drinker, are served the best coffee possible.


Can you handle the sweet?