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Your 19grams coffee advent calendar

Your 19grams Coffee Advent Calendar will make the wait for Christmas even more exciting this year. Discover a new coffee from the best coffee-growing regions in the world every day in December. You can order the Coffee Advent Calendar either roasted for espresso or filter coffee version. We have matched our roasting profiles perfectly according to your brewing methods. So you can enjoy a balanced and flavourful coffee every day.
In the Advent calendar box we will also provide you with a short explanation of the origin, processing method and taste profile of each coffee.
On our accompanying website you will find detailed background information about the coffee farms, the growing regions and useful tips and tricks about preparation and enjoyment, which will help you become a proper coffee professional.

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As an added bonus, we are giving away a 1-year 19grams Coffee subscription beginning in January 2021. You are automatically entered into the raffle when you sign up to our advent calendar newsletter, so make sure you're in to win!

Come with us and explore the wonderful world of Specialty Coffee this December!