Flat White vs. Cappuccino

Flat White vs. Cappuccino

Flat White and Cappuccino. In more and more cafés, both coffee specialties are on the menu. But what is actually the difference?


Cappuccino originally comes from Italy. The Flat White, on the other hand, is a coffee drink that was developed in Australia.


Both drinks are prepared very similarly - espresso infused with milk and milk foam. The Cappuccino is served with a single espresso, while the Flat White was served with a double ristretto in Australia. A ristretto is a so-called "shortened" espresso. Less water is used for the same amount of coffee. A ristretto is therefore even stronger and more flavorful than an espresso. We use a double espresso when making a Flat White for our cup size.

So is a cappuccino with a double espresso a Flat White?

No not quite, because the milk foam of both drinks is different. A cappuccino consists of a little creamy milk foam followed by a little firmer milk foam on top. The firmer milk foam is obtained by incorporating more air into the foam. To do this, the nozzle is lifted a little out of the milk from time to time while foaming. The Flat White is only prepared with creamy milk foam - the intermediate layer of the cappuccino, so to speak. You get this creaminess by keeping the nozzle deeper in the milk throughout.

So if you were to order a double espresso cappuccino and a flat white, the cappuccino would be stronger with the same cup size because it contains less milk due to the different foam compared to the flat white.

Just try out what tastes better to you. For both coffee specialties, the use of high-quality espresso beans and really good milk is crucial for a good result. Here you will find our best pure espresso beans for unbeatable results!