THE DECAF TASTE KICK (and how we kick the caffeine out of the bean)

Ever heard of the sugar cane method? The wonderfully delicate process by which we take the caffeine out of our coffee beans so you can enjoy a leisurely cup in the evening or any time of day while enjoying the rich, delicious taste of coffee afterwards. This method is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly method that originated in Colombia, where sugar cane grows in abundance.

How does it work?
This method was discovered in order to avoid disrupting the bean's cellular structure, whilst maintaing and enhancing the overall taste and sweetness of the final cup.

In the process, fermented molasses derived from sugar cane is used to make ethanol, which is then mixed with a natural acetic acid, creating the solvent ethyl acetate (E.A). This chemical is not as scary as it sounds and is also found in fruit, veg, wine and beer. Once the coffee beans have been soaked in water, which increases the bean moisture content and releases caffeine from the structure, the beans then undergo an E.A. wash and this dissolves the caffeine. The final step is cleaning the beans with water again, briefly exposing them to steam and then drying them to the original moisture level. Through this process, approximately 97% of the caffeine content is removed in a natural way, and due to the fermented molasses from the sugar cane, the beautiful, sweet, clean flavor is created for you to enjoy.

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