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5 tipps for better filtercoffee

You want better filter coffee? Here are 5 tips on how you can improve your filter coffee in the long term.

1. perfect your skills

Decide on a brewing method - the one you feel most comfortable with - and practice it until you get it right with your eyes closed. Because the biggest factor in changing your brew is you. So try to be as consistent as possible.

2. don't stir your coffee bed after bloom

If you stir your coffee bed again after blooming, it will cause fine coffee particles to accumulate at the bottom, which will then impede the flow of water. Due to the water backlog, your brew takes significantly longer and over-extracts. Your cup of coffee will taste bitter.

3. pour the coffee evenly

Focus on pouring the water evenly, don't be too fast and don't stop in between until you reach your desired amount of water. A goose-neck kettle will help you pour slowly and evenly. To eliminate all "Human Errors" in your brew, you can also buy a "Flow Restrictor".

4. pour less water, but more often

Take your time when brewing your coffee and pour as little water as possible. Only if you are using a relatively coarse grind, that is, if you are brewing a large amount. With a medium to fine grind, too much water can quickly push the bed down and cause a backlog. This way you'll over-extract the coffee and get a bitter cup.

5. Pour the water properly.

We recommend that you always pour the water from your handbrew in a spiral from the inside out. Keep the spiral very tight and take your time, a slow and steady extraction will improve the taste in your cup.

Pouring too much water in the middle can lead to uneven extraction and a poorer cup.