Simbi Washed Filter


Our Simbi coffee comes from the Huye region in Rwanda, Africa. At 1850m above sea level, the Bourbon coffee bushes grow. After the fermentation process, the green green coffee beans still dry for several days under the blazing sun. In the cup we taste its juicy acidity of rhubarb, sweet red plum and Ceylon tea.

This Coffee Release is something special, because this bourbon lot, which we get from the Simbi Washing Station from Rwanda, we have roasted twice: You have the unusual opportunity to taste the same variety as a filter and espresso roast!

We at 19grams have known the Simbi Washing Station for many years: 
The Simbi Washing Station was founded in 2013 by Abdul Rudahunga. It allows farmers around the Huye region to prepare their coffee. Nearly 1500 micro-farms deliver their coffee to Simbi Station, which employs about 80 people during the main harvest season. There is room for 300 tons of coffee cherries, which are processed using a variety of methods. From fully-washed beans to sun-dried Natural coffee cherries, anything is possible.
Through their experimental and, at the same time, careful processing, the Simbi Station produces excellent quality. Coffees from Simbi have been nominated several times for the Cup of Excellence.