Shantawene Natural - Ethiopia Espresso
Reife Kaffeekirschen werden zum Trocknen ausgebreitet.
Die erhobenen Betten in Shantawene.
Kaffeebäume auf Shantawene von oben.
Cola, Mango, Caramel Fudge

€59,60 / kg

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With this coffee, our roasters have once again given everything and conjured up a taste profile that you cannot taste every day: We taste notes of sweet cola, fruity mango and caramel fudge.

About the coffee

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. There are between six and ten thousand types of coffee. In most cases, Ethiopian coffee is sold as heirloom coffee because there are no genetic tests that would allow buyers to differentiate the varieties. Cross-pollination occurs in the wild, which is why the term "Ethiopian Heirloom" exists as a collective term. This coffee was processed naturally and has a particularly fruity taste profile.

About the farm

The coffee comes from Daye Bensa Gatta Farm and is located in the heart of Shantawene village, 10 km from Daye town, in the midst of natural forest and native trees believed to be more than 200 years old.

The farm is within easy reach of the cultivation companies in the villages of Bombe, Shantawene and Keramo. It is surrounded by rivers, which has created very fertile soil. One of them flows down from the hills above Karamo and thus separates the village of Shantawene from Bombe. In order to maintain the natural shade and fertility of the soil, various shade trees are planted on the farm with the advice of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Together with the farms of the growers, the farm is verified as organic, C.A.F.E PRACTICE, UTZ and Rain Forest Alliances.

Our Shantawene Natural comes from the Shantawene Washing Station and is made from carefully selected, ripe cherries. When the cherry is accepted, water is poured over it in order to remove inferior cherries. The cherry is then dried on African beds for 14 to 18 days.

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