Los Azacuanes - El Salvador Espresso
Almond, Raspberry, Nougat
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Red Bourbon is known for its balanced and fruity flavour profile, so is this lot from Los Azacuanes: Nutty notes of almond meet the acidity of raspberry. With an after-taste of nougat.

About the coffee

Carlos Mendez has been growing coffee on the Los Azacuanes estate in El Salvador for years. The lot that we roast for you is a red bourbon, a naturally occurring typica mutation. The coffee was processed naturally, which is also known as the dry process. In this process, the entire coffee cherry is placed in the sun and turned regularly so that it dries evenly. The drying process takes between 25 to 30 days and takes place on African beds. African beds are elevated wooden structures that allow the cherry to have good airflow and not mold. This process has the potential to produce very aromatic coffees with particularly sweet and fruity flavors by drying the bean in the fruit.

About the farm

Los Azacuanes farm is located near the town of Ataco at about 1,350 meters above sea level. They are owned by the family group of Gerardo and Carlos Mendez Florez and were named in honor of some migratory birds that signal the change of seasons. In order to protect the environment and the birds, and to create special microclimates for the ideal coffee cultivation, the coffee trees here are grown in the shade.


Coffee from El salvador

Coffee was first grown commercially in El Salvador in the 1850s. Since then, coffee has been an essential part of the economy and the mainstay of exports. Coffees from El Salvador exhibit a mild lemony acidity that is balanced with a honey-like sweetness. The flavor profile is often rounded off with a chocolaty full-bodied note, which is also reflected in the expressive rich body.

el salvador

Suited for

Recommended brewing ratio

1:2, 19gr coffee grounds for 40gr espresso, brewing time: 30-35 seconds.


Almond, Raspberry, Nougat





A fantastic coffee from El Salvador.

About the coffee

Variety: Red Bourbon

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1.350 masl

Fertilizing method: organic

Harvest year: 2021

Processing place: on the farm

About the farm

Farm: Los Azacuanes

Location: Ataco

Coffee farmer: Carlos Mendez Florez

Form of Operation: Smallholder

Cooperation: new partner

espresso 19grams

Bloody Good Espresso

Specialty Coffee und Vollautomaten gehen nicht zusammen? Wir finden, das stimmt nicht. Wir haben in den letzten Jahren eine kontinuierliche Leistungssteigerung bei Vollautomaten gesehen, und uns entschieden, die Herausforderung anzunehmen: wir haben einen richtig guten Specialty Espresso für Vollautomaten entwickelt. Korrekt eingestellt ist der Vollautomat ist eine zuverlässige und konsistente Zubereitungsmethode. Für die kurze Kontaktzeit von Wasser und Kaffeepulver eignen sich hellere Espressoröstungen - wie sie im Specialty Coffee üblich sind - nicht. Mit einer klassischen, dunkleren Röstung - wie dieser hier - kannst du die volle Aromenvielfalt genießen!

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