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23. December | Limoncillo Estate - Nicaragua Capsule

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Chocolatey sweetness, with notes of almond and mild orange.

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We recommend pressing the Lungo button in your Nespresso machine.

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About the coffee

The washed Red Catuai coffee is a product of the Mierisch family. The Limoncillo farm is located in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The Catuai coffee variety has been grown for more than four decades, and although it is no longer a novelty on the market, it is appreciated for its high yields, reliable quality, and high profitability for producers. It is a genetic cross between two natural Arabica mutations: the Caturra and the Mundo Novo variety. Since it is a smaller plant, it can be planted more densely. This results in higher planting density and easier access to the cherries during harvest. It is a medium weight cup with notes of sweet chocolate, tangy orange and mild almond.

About the farm

The Mierisch family's Limoncillo farm is located in Nicaragua. The Mierisch family hails from the region and has been growing great coffees on ten different farms for over 100 years. Their goal is to grow and process exceptional specialty coffee. Farmer Fausto Martine is responsible for the Limoncillo farm in Matagalpa. Limoncillo is the only UTZ-certified farm, with 76 manzanas (about 53 hectares) of protected land, the largest area of any farm. Care is taken to follow the three P's (People, Planet, Profit) of the UTZ pillar to achieve sustainable agriculture.

The farm provides training on better farming practices to increase yields and cup quality. This also leads to lower production costs. UTZ makes it possible to practice more sustainable agriculture while improving workers' working conditions and protecting the environment.

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