Fresh coffee

Fresh coffee for you

This is one of the central issues for us as 19grams. Fresh coffee means for us not only to roast the coffee beans always fresh, but furthermore to bring the green beans directly after the harvest to us in Berlin. This is the only way to guarantee the freshness of coffee. Our assortment is therefore based on the harvest times of the coffee beans in the growing regions of our partners.

The coffee belt

If you look at the location of the coffee-growing regions, they extend as a broad coffee belt around the equator. The harvest times in these areas are based on the position of the sun and move from north to south throughout the year. In coffee-growing regions north of the equator, such as Costa Rica, India and Ethiopia, the main coffee harvesting season is between September and December. In coffee-growing countries south of the equator, such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, the harvest usually begins in April or May and can last until August. Exceptions are countries like Ecuador, Colombia or Rwanda and Kenya. These growing regions are located directly on the equator and, at the right altitudes, can produce coffee all year round.

Our seasonal concept

Our seasonal concept is based on this natural change in the seasons and harvests. It gives us the opportunity to present and distribute a diverse range of the best single-origin coffees from the most diverse coffee-growing regions in the world throughout the year, without interfering with the natural process of nature. With the seasonal concept, nature determines the supply and not the demand.