19grams house blend, Wild At Heart as a milk coffee

Coffee blend: the art of flavor fusion

A coffee blend is created by skillfully mixing different beans. Coffee manufacturers combine varieties such as Robusta and Arabica to combine their flavor nuances. But they can also blend beans of the same variety from different countries or regions. It is important that the coffees complement each other and form a harmonious blend of flavors. Although many people may not consider this, blends are extremely popular and the most common way to offer coffee. An automatic coffee maker from Kaffee Partner allows you to prepare such blends perfectly.

Coffee blends serve a simple purpose: they guarantee consistently high quality and flavor. The experience and knowledge of an experienced roast master are essential for the production of fine blends. Coffee is a natural product whose quality varies from harvest to harvest. The master roaster must constantly monitor the raw beans and ensure that flavor variations are balanced. He balances the taste of the individual coffee beans and emphasizes the intense aroma of a variety by adding positive flavor notes. Any weaknesses in taste are compensated for by adding particularly high-quality coffee beans.

High-quality coffee blends consist of Arabica blends or combinations of Arabica and Robusta beans. Both blends deliver outstanding results sometimes chocolaty or fruity in taste. Good blends are characterized by consistently high quality. Fluctuations in quality due to weather conditions can be compensated for by clever blending ratios. The end consumer benefits from a perfect taste and aroma experience, while the roast master achieves the optimum roasting degree of the beans. This is especially true for elephant beans, which are twice the size of conventional Arabica and Robusta beans.

The taste of blends and single origin coffees may be different, but quality is not at issue. There are many high quality blends that are outstanding. Ultimately, it is up to the roast master and the composition of the blend. Blends based on a variety of coffee beans quickly lose their natural flavor. High-quality blends are all about retaining the characteristic flavor of the bean variety and refining it with coordinated nuances. The result is an unmistakably seductive aroma.

A good coffee blend can be recognized by its composition. Drum roasting and slow roasting ("tostatura lenta" in Italian) are good indicators.

Industrial roasting should rather be avoided. Experience shows that coffee whose shelf life is limited to six months offers the best flavor. This gives it enough time to develop its intense aromas. For the best quality coffee blends, choose fair trade or direct trade products.

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