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Little Flower - Classic Espresso

Cocoa, Hazelnut , Marzipan
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    About the coffee

    AA Karnataka is wonderfully spicy coffee from the Chikmagalur district in southwestern India, a region that was once part of the Kingdom of Mysore. Coffee in this region is grown in harmony with nature under the natural shade of forest trees. In addition to the coffee trees, spices such as pepper, vanilla and various types of nuts grow here. The Bourbon trees of our AA Karnataka grow at an altitude of 1500 m. After harvesting, they are washed and processed. The AA Karnataka has quite large beans, which later develop a strong and spicy character in the cup.

    Once the finished green coffee reaches us in Berlin, we roast it fresh to give it a decadent flavour note. We taste warm notes of hazelnut and almond, as well as sweet raisin.

    Like many other coffee-growing countries, India uses a size-based classification system, from AAA (the largest) to AA, A and also PB (Peaberry). Traditionally, it is said that the larger the bean, the higher the quality, but with the development of Specialty Coffee, the industry has realised that this is not true.



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    Cultivated with love by great farmers. 100% Arabica coffee, harvested when ripe and carefully processed. Sustainable and fairly traded.


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    Take your tried-and-tested recipe as a starting point for this roast, or get help from our brew guides.

    Deine 250g Tüte Little Flower Classic Espresso Deine 250g Tüte Little Flower Classic Espresso Infos Deine 1000g Tüte Little Flower Classic Espresso

    Bloody Good Coffee

    - SINCE 2002

    Key Info

    Cocoa, Hazelnut , Marzipan

    Cupping score: 83
    Sweetness: Milchschokolade
    Acidity: minimal
    Mouthfeel: weich
    Aftertaste: sehr nussig

    Variety: Selection 795
    Processing: Washed
    Harvest Year: 2020
    Drying Time: etwa 14 Tage

    Suggested brew recipe:
    1:2, 19g ground coffee to 40g espresso yield, brew time: 30-35 seconds. Or in a fully automatic machine.

    About the coffee

    A typical Indian coffee with nutty and chocolaty notes. Perfect for a fully automatic machine.

    The farm | Karnataka

    The AA Karnataka comes from the Chikmagalur district in India

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    Small holders
    Type of Farm:

    Region, Country: Karnataka, ID
    1200 mall
    Soil type: fruchtbare Böden
    Fertilisation method: organic
    Shadow Type: Grown in the rainforest
    Processing location:
    on the farm
    Number of varieties: verschiedene
    Harvest season:

    About the farm

    Espresso läuft durch Siebträger in 19grams Tasse

    Bloody Good Espresso

    Coffee is a fruit which is naturally acidic and contains many sugars. We roast our espresso to develop a fine acidity and to bring out its natural sweetness.

    Our espresso roasts aim to present the strong flavour profiles of different origins. Discover our single origin espressos – all 100% arabica coffees, carefully selected and gently roasted by our team in Berlin.

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