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Pinke Pampelmuse, Honeysuckle, Zuckerrohr
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Gabriel Castaño was the first farmer to grow the Pink Bourbon coffee variety on his La Granada finca in Colombia.
The colorful variety is relatively rare because the gene that controls color in the ripe cherry is double recessive. This means that if there are red, orange or yellow bourbon plants nearby and they pollinate each other, the pink color is lost, as are the bourbon characteristics.
In the harvesting process, the coffee cherries are carefully hand-selected for ripeness. In an extended fermentation, the cherries are weighed and then fermented in tanks for 90 hours. The beans are then washed and dried for 15 days. The result is an exquisite array of aromas with impressive flavors of chocolate cake, baking spices and passion fruit.

About the Farm
His plantation and the quality of his coffee brought him and his family a secure economic income.

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