Fullforcevoraus Espresso
Milchschokolade, Honigmelone, Zuckerrohr
16,00 €

64,00 € / kg

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Rick Zabel & 8000watt have made it their mission, in cooperation with the coffee roastery 19grams from Berlin, to create a coffee that is not only sustainably grown, but also tastes good. Whether in the bialetti or in the portafilter machine. 250g roasted beans from Costa Rica. Fullforcevoraus Espresso!

Whether Paris-Roubaix or a round of Wattners with the team. Hectic in the office in the afternoon or sleepy in bed in the morning. What you need is a stable coffee, so you don't forget to switch on and get going right away. Rick Zabel & 8000watt have made it their mission to collaborate with 19grams to create coffee that is not only sustainably grown, but also tastes great. Whether in the Bialetti or in the espresso machine.

In the Fullforcevoraus Espresso, you will find the 19grams quality again. We have roasted this delicious bean from Costa Rica specifically to Rick's taste. With stable notes of cane sugar, melon and chocolate in your espresso cup. Every Wattner needs it to get started. Available as whole beans or ground for the espresso machine/bialetti. Now is the time to start watting! Whether on the bike, before the race, in the office or half awake in the morning. We say: full force ahead!

Full force ahead! Roasted beans from Costa Rica. Tastes like milk chocolate as well as ripe melon and sugar cane. 250g & whole beans.
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Rick Zabel


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1:2, 19gr Kaffee für 40gr Espresso, Brühzeit: 30-35 Sekunden.

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Milchschokolade, Honigmelone, Zuckerrohr


Honeydew melon

Sugar cane

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Ein toller Kaffee der Hacienda Sonora - gibt Energie zum wattnern.

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translation missing: en.countries.titles.variety: Sonora Estate

translation missing: en.countries.titles.processing: Natural

translation missing: en.countries.titles.mounting_height: 1300 m üNN

translation missing: en.countries.titles.fertilizing_method: biologisch

translation missing: en.countries.titles.harvest_year: 2020

translation missing: en.countries.titles.harvest_time: Okt - Feb

translation missing: en.countries.titles.soil_type: vulkanische Böden

translation missing: en.countries.titles.shadow_type: im Schatten gewachsen

translation missing: en.countries.titles.processing_place: auf der Farm

translation missing: en.countries.titles.dryin_time: 15 Tage

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translation missing: en.countries.titles.farm: Hacienda Sonora

translation missing: en.countries.titles.location: Gran Valley

translation missing: en.countries.titles.coffee_farmer: Diego Guardia

translation missing: en.countries.titles.operator_form: familiengeführte Farm

translation missing: en.countries.titles.farm_size: 150 ha

translation missing: en.countries.titles.farm_age: über 50 Jahre

translation missing: en.countries.titles.about_the_farm: Hacienda Sonora ist zu 100% green energy versorgt.

translation missing: en.countries.titles.other_varieties: SL28, L9, Villalobos, Typica, Bourbon

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espresso 19grams

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