Don Martin NIII - Costa Rica Filter
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The Don Martin NIII is once again a particularly impressive coffee in your cup: Don Martin's controlled fermentation in turn leads to this red Catuaí developing a light, exciting acidity that combines wonderfully with the chocolaty, nutty flavours.

About the coffee

For our Costa Rica fragrant lovers (and those who will certainly become so after this coffee!), we at the Ureña family have something special this season: a red Catuaí naturally processed, with the mysterious name 'Don Martin NIII'. 'Don Martin' Ureña is the name of the farm owner who produced this wonderful coffee. 'NIII' is a processing method - Don Martin experimented with and developed the Natural method for this red Catuaí variety:

Before the coffee cherries dry in the sun on drying tables for up to 3 weeks, Don Martin subjects the coffee to a light aerobic fermentation with the inclusion of oxygen. To do this, the cherries are first stored for several hours in an anaerobic (airtight) environment. He uses stainless steel tanks specially imported from South Korea. In this anaerobic environment, the coffee cherries begin to ferment (anaerobic fermentation). Now Don Martin adds oxygen in a controlled way, a light oxidative fermentation begins. He recognises the start of the aerobic fermentation by a slight rise in temperature in the barrels. This aerobic fermentation is very strongly controlled and terminated when a temperature of about 25-30° C is reached. This is necessary because uncontrolled and above all unwanted oxidative fermentations lead to vinegar-like, unattractive sour, acrid aromas (surely everyone knows this from fermented apple juice).

About the farm

Don Martin of the Finca La Chumeca is one of our long-term partners. If you want to learn more, read more.

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