Sascha besucht Don Martin auf seiner Farm La Chumeca

La Chumeca

The farm is nestled in the green hills of San Pablo de León Cortes, not far from Tarrazù. Tarrazù is one of the most famous coffee regions in Costa Rica. On the dry beds in the sun, far and wide, only dark red cherries can be seen.

Don Martin Urena and Olga Jimenez met while harvesting coffee and have now been married for over 25 years, have three children and produce some of the best coffee in Costa Rica. Don Martin is 52 years old and he has dedicated his whole life to coffee: he says of himself that he has been working in coffee for 52 years. Don Martin Urena comes from a family of nine siblings. All together, they practically grew up in the coffee fields of the area. A typical day for him starts at 4:30 - with a coffee. After that, he goes out into the field. Around noon, there's a siesta, then it's back to coffee. When it gets dark around 6 o'clock, he comes back. During harvest time, when it comes to processing the naturals, he often works until 10 o'clock in the evening. The Urenas are very proud of their coffees and their work. The Natural coffees that are harvested and processed here are pure and of the best quality.