Berliner Speisemeisterei |Edition Morgenmuffel
Der Espresso schmeckt!
Steffen Sinzinger und Anthony testen verschiedene Espresso Shots.
Der Morgenmuffel Espresso im Cupping.
Dunkle Schokolade, Steinfrüchte, Karamell

€51,60 / kg

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Steffen Sinzinger - neofoodist, chef and founder of the food blog "Berliner Speisemeisterei" - has developed an espresso together with our head roaster Anthony. Perfect to wake up and start a successful day. But also fits perfectly with sweet treats, or as a conclusion to an excellent dinner.

The coffee afterwards is still rare in upscale cuisine - we want to change that.

About the Berliner Speisemeisterei and Steffen Sinzinger

Steffen Sinzinger is

His blog the Berliner Speisemeisterei - he runs since XXXX, it is an information hub for chefs in Germany, but also for cooking enthusiasts as well as hobby gourmets. With his cookbook reviews and interviews, Steffen takes a look outside the box.

As enjoyment for the eye, the Berlin chef shares daily pictures of artistically arranged dishes on his Instagram channel.

What is the morning muffle espresso?

The Morning Muffle Espresso is the espresso that

About the Farmers:

The coffee comes from the 100% sustainable farm Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica.

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